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Why is no one talking about Tomb Raider?

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User Info: Zora_Prince

4 years ago#21
crazyman32 posted...
Guerrilla Soldier posted...
They shouldn't have rebooted it. I hate reboots.

I disagree the series was going stale it needed a reboot

It already had a reboot. Legends was a reboot. This new game everything that made Tomb Raider Tomb Raider. It looks like a completely new IP.
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User Info: uthoria205

4 years ago#22
JoveHack posted...
The_MPer posted...
moh82sy posted...
Back then it was something new and innovative .

Now it's just another cinematic third person shooter , or at-least that's what the trailers suggest.

This thing right here.

I was looking forward for it until I saw that trailer.

What made the original games was the level design. Coming up with clever ways the player could figure out to use Lara's abilities. They were small enough to feel close to the player, and had a real sense of place. The underground village, the caverns, etc gave a sense of progress, and made you want to see what was coming up next.

Swimming was important, too. A sense of floating/soaring along, less direct danger, but keep an eye on Lara's air supply. And you could change water levels to change the way Lara could access the level.

The solitude was important, too. It made the level design stand out more. And the sense of raiding a tomb. Tombs themselves add a sense of deep time, and ancient grandeur to be discovered. Mysteries and secrets not seen for millenia.

All of that is gone.

User Info: gucciburrr

4 years ago#23
The original Tomb Raiders were nothing but mediocre games plagued by awful stories and atrocious gameplay mechanics. While this new Tomb Raider looks weak (the animations in the mp are god awful) it has to better than the earlier junk...
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User Info: Xechs

4 years ago#24
one game at a time, just got MGR and played ni no kuni. Definitely excited for it though. Ranka-Macross Frontier

User Info: AnthonM2

4 years ago#25
Because I know it will be full of puzzles, and i hate puzzles unless the puzzles are optional like in Uncharted 3, I still didn't get God of War 3 because i hated the puzzles in God of War 2.

A message to western devs, you can make a good game without puzzles like Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden, no need to add puzzles in every game.

User Info: lokithefool

4 years ago#26
Hmm the single player looks fun, but the MP has got to be the worse thing I have seen in a while.

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

4 years ago#27
I'm gonna laugh when all those trashing it in here will be the first ones in line.
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User Info: AwesomePS3gamer

4 years ago#28
DocDelicious posted...
moh82sy posted...
Back then it was something new and innovative .

Now it's just another cinematic third person shooter , or at-least that's what the trailers suggest.

They turned it into an Uncharted clone, and Uncharted was originally just a Tomb Raider clone with terrible wtf does that say?

Uncharted is in no way, shape or form a Tomb Raider clone. Nathan Drake is not a male Lara Croft and the games' focus is totally different. Tomb Raider is more about puzzles and exploring while Uncharted is more about slightly over the top action with a better story than TR's. Stop trolling.

User Info: enigma2274

4 years ago#29
I for one am looking forward to it. Got it reserved. Looks awesome. It's supposed to be her origin story. She didn't instantly become a tomb raider. The events in this game shape her into the person she becomes.
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User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#30
PangLa posted...
The game was a pretty big deal during the PS1 era. With the new game coming out in less than two weeks, why is no one talking about it? Am I missing something here?

I think the addition of MP has something to do with it as well. I was excited until MP was announced. I just shake my head sadly now every time i see games that were predominantly SP experiences get MP added because i feel it's more for drawing MP gamers into the TR games then being added on as a fresh experience for those have played the older ones.
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