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Hitman Absolution worth $15?

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User Info: killak

4 years ago#21
From: DrunkBeardGuy | #019
What real world rules? I'm complaining about how much ass the disguise system is. It's ****ing terrible.

Saying that people shouldn't recognise you when you're in disguise, is real world rules.

They don't make you out from 1000 miles away, and once you have their attention, you get an audible warning that sounds like high pitched wind...... if you're still in their vision at that point, they'll ask you to identify yourself......if you're not, then you move on.
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User Info: DrunkBeardGuy

4 years ago#22
Maybe I just need to give it another chance, but almost everything about it disappointed me.
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User Info: killak

4 years ago#23
I won't lie, it got to me, too.

But once I got the hang of it, it worked.

You get a real thrill when you can stealth kill every individual on a level, with a knife. It just takes practice.

The crowd mechanic was also frustrating, but same again once you figure out exactly how it works.
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User Info: Aalvi

4 years ago#24
I must have been playing differently since that was never a problem

On hard mode I like use r1 in bursts sometimes and I would turn away so they see the back of my head which sometimes resets it.

it looks weird when im walking to my destination and do like a 180 and 180 to face front again.

fun game...
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User Info: Nulsh

4 years ago#25
The game still worth $60, sure it tries to b different than the other games in the series. But it still fun game with endless replayability.
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