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Playstation owners, name one non PS game you envy.

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User Info: muggy

4 years ago#11
The Getaway

User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#12
Lost Odyssey. That's all.
Sailor Moon returns 2013! O_o

User Info: poopninjamvc3mk

4 years ago#13
Mario 64. Deleted my old sig since some mod apparantly got offended because I mentioned Penn State.

User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#14
None. I own every console and portable I want. I'm up to 11 consoles and 7 portables now.
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User Info: Wario_man

4 years ago#15
None really, though I long for the day when every franchise is put onto one console.
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User Info: Godly_Goof

4 years ago#16
None. I have every system since Atari 7200. Although their are some systems I pity for certain games of that counts.
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User Info: Sez6

4 years ago#17

User Info: GorillaNinjaJTP

4 years ago#18
Shadow Complex... I've got a Wii and pc, so covered for just about anything else, but SC is the one arcade game that hasn't shown up on steam that I really want to try...

Oh, and almost forgot the new bang-ai-oh (sp?) And guardian heroes release, but if I had to pick one, shadow complex.

User Info: korn_craze101

4 years ago#19
Legend of Zelda series
PsN~ garabel713

User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#20
There aren't any. The only system I don't own now is the 360, which I sold for that exact reason...not a single exclusive I wanted.
"I am not tacking up my living quarters with gaming machines -- I'm not 12. This isn't a damn bedroom with bunk beds and star wars posters in it."
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