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Playstation owners, name one non PS game you envy.

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User Info: Kilik212

4 years ago#51
For me it used to be dead rising but since it went multiplat, I have none.....

Ahhhhh yeaaaa feels good
I am the master of my abilities, I think.

User Info: DignatoReRaised

4 years ago#52
AeroHawk1122 posted...
_Moonlight posted...
Monster Hunter

I don't understand why it's on Sony handhelds and Nintendo consoles. Why not both of both, or at least also PS console?

It was
The first Monster Hunter was on the PS2

MH Portable 3rd has an HD version on PS3, too. But it's Japanese only. You could still play it on an American PS3 though.

User Info: Ragnawind

4 years ago#53
Fable 2 for the PC. It should have been released on PC, also, like Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable III. The only other game I can't get on the X360 is Tales of Vesperia, because they never localized the PS3 verssion, so far.

User Info: chevalianknight

4 years ago#54
The Earthbound or Mother 3 series.

I did play the original on the Super Nintendo but every other title has not been released outside of Japan. Even if the series were released outside of Japan, the game probably would not come to the Playstation console.
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User Info: vind3d

4 years ago#55
Motsu posted...
Lost Odyssey. That's all.

When my first 360 RRoD I went out and bought another, even though I also had a PS3, so I could play LO again. Plus replay my 360's game library.
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User Info: cirexeric

4 years ago#56
legend of Zelda.

User Info: nouseravailable

4 years ago#57
Xenoblade. Ill import Vesperia, it seems...
NP: Ocarina of Time 3D, Ni No Kuni and P4Arena

User Info: AgitoXIII

4 years ago#58
Current or non current? anyway...

Metroid Prime is one of the most flawlessly executed games I've ever played.
Please be a great game, we need you to be one.

User Info: LLL_Deadly

4 years ago#59
cirexeric posted...
legend of Zelda.

this. Zelda is the greatest video game series of all time.

User Info: PS2Gamer

4 years ago#60
Lost Odyssey...
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