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Recommend me some good RPGs.

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User Info: harcoreblazer

4 years ago#1
The main things i like in a RPG are.

-Good story and likeable characters.
-Great length.
-Must be challenging.
-Good music
-No cliche.
-Some extra bosses or areas would be good, but not obligatory.
-Graphics, whatever is fine as long as it doesn't look like crap.
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#2
Tales of Graces f
Disgaea 3
Disgaea 4
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User Info: i like rpgz

i like rpgz
4 years ago#4
Do you have backwards compatibility?
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User Info: LazyBro

4 years ago#5
Valkyria Chronicles
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User Info: _Moonlight

4 years ago#6
Resonance of Fate has a really interesting battle system that you definitely have to get used to at first (they have a training mode at the beginning of the game, and I had to play through every one of the levels in training and then go watch youtube videos of other people playing it and then play through several real battles to really figure it out) and is challenging. You definitely can't snooze on the combat and still expect to win. Characters are likeable (except Zephyr, imo), it's definitely long, has good music, has extra bosses and areas (an entire extra dungeon that is harder than the game), and good graphics. There's even a clothing shop where each new chapter, or after doing side misssions, new clothes become available, and you can save 5-10 (can't remember) different outfits that you can switch to, which I thought was awesome and should be included in every game. If you've ever played a tri-ace game (Star Ocean) then you know that the last boss is ridiculous and that there's an entire, long extra dungeon with encounters more difficult than the actual game. Story isn't that great, but it's not the focus either. You basically just go on missions.

Sorry for wall of text, but basically:
-Super customizable clothing shop adds a whole new layer/novelty to the game
-Combat system is awesome
-Quite long with many extras and a harder bonus dungeon

Dark Souls/Demon's Souls, if you haven't played them, and if you haven't I recommend those very incredibly highly
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User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#8
No cliche

So just what do you mean by cliche because if its save the world from a great evil you may have troble.
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User Info: Astroshak

4 years ago#9
Destiny of an Emperor (NES) kind of had a generational thing going - at first you go around with some people, later on they leave you and you eventually get their sons.

Phatnasy Star 3 : Generations of Doom (Genesis) really does the "generations" thing in a big way. The game crosses three generations, and in each one you get to pick between two women who want to be your bride. Events that happen in the second generation depend heavily upon who you chose as bride (and thus, what kind of children you have), and though there is some difference in the third generation, that is the generation that ties all of the events in the game together, so there is a lot of similarity across all four possible third generation adventures as well.

So, while not "cliche", the concept of a game spanning several generations is NOT unique.

User Info: rodwipeisdead

4 years ago#10
ExpelDiasFlac posted...
BlinkWinkel posted...
You'll probably like the Record of Agarest War games then. Awesome story, awesome characters, the game is pretty long, challenging, VERY good music, the whole generation thing is unique in JRPGs as far as I know so no cliche, and it does have a whole set of extra bosses in post-game.

Only part you may or may not like is the graphics. It's old school JRPG graphics, personally I love them but someone who prefer good graphics like FFXIII most likely won't.

Record of Agarest War is exactly what I had in mind as well but you beat me to it, heh. Only problem is that the first game is DLC only, and the battle system can get a bit tedious. But overall the games are awesome indeed and meet all of the requirements he mentioned.

I got it on disc as Agarest: Generations of War. One of the rare instances Australians get something you don't. I see a lot of copies about so you could probably import it easily.

Anyway, I suggest Rainbow Moon. It's pretty addictive, but might not fill some of the criteria. One might think it looks rather crappy.
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