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If Rising isn't a Metal Gear SOLID game

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User Info: RahzarX

4 years ago#11
The game is a spin-off that is "not part of the Metal Gear Solid series", although it is considered part of the same universe, and thus "canon".
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User Info: Honorless

4 years ago#12
Not really sure how it ruins MGS lore.
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User Info: Sonic23004

4 years ago#13
MGS4 did more damage than Rising could ever dream of.
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User Info: ukokira1

4 years ago#14
yahya_no_1 posted...
Its not part of the story and I have no clue why people say it's Canon, its they said that multiple times and that it's a side thing

Kojiipro and Kojiima said it was canon.
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