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Dark Souls is ten times harder than Demon's Souls

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User Info: Lodiss

4 years ago#21
DeathScythe_527 posted...
Demons Souls had Maneater.
Without the arrow glitch or a pyro build, that boss was harder than everything in Dark Souls.


First of all, the Maneater fight is basically the same fight as Twin Gargoyles without Solaire there to help you.

But the Gloom Armor found in 3-2 makes it ezmode. Just tank them and grass up when needed. As soon as I tried this it was so easy it almost felt like cheating. Like poise tanking 4 kings.

If Havel's armor was in undead parish, then the Maneaters would be the more challenging fight. But it isn't, so it's not.
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User Info: Pox

4 years ago#22
From: Lodiss | #018
Dagorha posted...
Demon Souls is way harder then Dark Souls

1. You start off at half health and requires a ring slot just to get to 75%

2. The first level is absurdly long and conveluted before getting to the next check point. Hope you didn't miss those shortcuts lolololol

3. You can start off on easy mode in Dark Souls aka the pyromancer

4. Upgrade paths are way easier in Dark Souls. Everything only needs 1 type of rock in the beginning!

5. Check points are only given after bosses and shortcuts are far less available


1. Cling ring is in 1-1, and again, starting as a Royal makes that level completely trivial. You can nuke down the red eye knight at sl 1 with almost zero skill.

2. Grass drops like candy in 1-1.

3. The pyromancer has exactly 8 casts of fireball to work with, the Royal's soul arrow is not only 3x faster to cast with 3x the range but you also start with the fragrant ring which regenerates mana. So unlimited casts + unlimited grass vs. 8 casts and 10 estus. The math is obvious.

4. True but there isn't a blacksmith at firelink shrine, and there is one in the nexus.

5. Bosses in Demon's Souls are easier. You don't even have to kill the grey demon in the tutorial level to continue, vs. dying a dozen times to the Asylum Demon. Also, Phalanx vs. Taurus demon? Pfft. But the real reason Dark Souls has more bonfires is because designing around a hub world makes more than 1 checkpoint per level redundant.

1. For power you trade vitality. Almost anything will OHKO a royal so it balances out.

2. Flasks heal so much more (especially since you can improve your flask before even starting the first level). Unlimited refills + Full health restore vs. limited supply of herbs that don't heal you for ****. Dark Soul's is easier.

3. The mana regen is terrible. You would have to sit for 15 minutes to get a 3rd of your health back. Face it, pyromancers are about equal to royals.

4. And the one in the nexus can't do any of the special upgrades. It balances out.

5. You died to the Asylum Demon... he was a joke. Defeating the grey demon took skill. the bosses from the games equal out in terms of difficulty.

Face it, both games are of comparable difficulty.
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User Info: sting__art

4 years ago#23
Both games, EZ... Oh, that wasn't what you Average Joe's wanted to hear was it.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#24

I got much further in Dark Souls than Demon's Souls

User Info: Lodiss

4 years ago#25
Your arguments have degenerated to "no true scotsman".

Just saying.
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User Info: Dagorha

4 years ago#26
Lodiss posted...
Your arguments have degenerated to "no true scotsman".

Just saying.

That phrase... It does not mean what you think that means
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#27
Lodiss posted...
Reading through the "lol overrated" troll thread, I saw plenty of people claim that Demon's Souls was the more difficult game. This is a completely nonsense opinion, and here's why.

1. Health regeneration. It trivializes the whole game. With the shield, a blessed weapon, and the regenerator's ring, your health fills on it's own in about 15 seconds. No such thing in Dark Souls.

2. Unlimited grass. If for some reason you don't like regenerating health, there are about four types of healing grass that each stack up to 99. Dark Souls gives you a maximum of 20 estus flasks, only 10 until you defeat Pinwheel (who admittedly is a joke-tier boss).

3. Unlimited magic. Also, it's ten times more powerful than the magic in Dark Souls. Second Chance? Warding? Please. There is no argument here.

4. Fast roll up to 50% equip load. Nuff said.

5. You can start the game on ezmode aka Royal.

For these all of these reasons and more, it's clear that Dark Souls is the harder game by far. I played Dark Souls first, and it took me about 60 hours to get to Gwyn. Then I played another 30 hours worth of pvp and co-op before moving on to ng+.

I literally beat Demon's Souls in 18 hours total.

1. For effective HP regen you need 5 Colourless Demon Souls to level up the Judy shield or the Faintstone required for a Blessed weapon. You have to proceed a long way through the game to get either of those at full capacity, unless you cheat.

2. You need to farm "infinite grass", or pass up levelling up to buy it. Estus is more freely available if you don't waste time.

3. It's not unlimited, you need to buy/farm spice. It is cheap, but you don't get souls from nowhere (unless you cheat).

4. True enough - but armour doesn't provide nearly as much protection in Demon's Souls, and unlike Dark Souls every hit stuns you regardless of whether you're in Brushwood or naked.

5. You can start Dark Souls in ezmode aka Pyro.

The only thing you didn't mention is the Second Chance miracle, which is the only thing that really distinguishes the two in terms of difficulty for me. Your experience with each game doesn't mean anything - I played Demon's Souls first and it took me over 70 hours to beat the game, which included lots of messing around and soul farming. My first run through Dark Souls took 17 hours. Sound familiar?
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User Info: Lord_TenseEye

4 years ago#28
In Demon Souls, I'd get a few of that grass that restores your health to max and removes all status effects. Then I'd use thomas to dupe it and run with 50 or so of those at all times. LOL

User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#29
Dark Souls is the tougher game overall. Of course to even compare them you have to assume that players don't pick up the 'instant easy mode' Thief's Ring in 1-1 of Demon's Souls. Picking that up in the first zone gave you infinite 'get out of jail free' cards for breaking line of sight with any enemy or just getting ten steps away from them.

In terms of bosses, Demon's Souls only had 3 that provided a decent challenge: Flamelurker, Maneaters, and False King Allant.

The Flamelurker was only tough at low Soul Level though, because fire defense was tied to Soul Level(though raising Endurance gave an additional bonus). If you leveled up a bit he wasn't nearly as dangerous. If you had any form of magical damage he would drop in seconds.

The Maneaters were probably the toughest boss in the game. This was due in part to the arena design, where you'd fall to your death if you weren't on the central platform, and in part due to the fact that you'd have to fight two of them. Then folks discovered the arrow cheese method and it became a middling boss battle.

False King Allant is one of the funnest fights, but only difficult for those that couldn't resist attacking him repeatedly. The surefire method for victory was: strongest R2 strike you have when he plunges his sword into the ground, only use Grass or Spice when he's doing the casual walk forward, stay defensive otherwise.

In terms of regular enemies you were only really threatened by the Red Eye Knights with spears, the Black Katana Skeletons, and the Giants in the Valley of Defilement. Once you learned their timing though they weren't nearly as bad anymore.

Also, people shouldn't act like Spice or Grass was hard to come by. The Shrine of Storms offered an amazing amount of souls, enough to purchase any gear that you need. E.g. a stack of 99 Fresh Spice was 19,800 souls.
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User Info: Irony

4 years ago#30
I'm ten times harder than Dark Souls.
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