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Disappointing generation for the Survival Horror fans..........

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User Info: thanthen

4 years ago#71
Recent indie survival horror games on PC were better than your RE/SH games.
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User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
4 years ago#72
OnsIaughter posted...
true_gamer80 posted...
funny how most of the games you mentioned have guns from start to fiish, each one you killed hundreds of enemies throught the games...this isnt survuival horror according to some of you blah blah blah lol

Ecspecially the RE games where you have always been armed to the teeth with enough ammo to kill hundreds through the games.....this isnt survival horror! Gotta love it huh

Survival horror is still here, its evolved sure but its def still here, if some of you werent so contradictive, negative whining babies who flip out over everything and hate on everything bfore maybe playing whatever perhaps you may be able to have fun

Or maybe if some of you understood what survival horror meant you would also notice not every game in the genre has to follow exact rules or feature "zombies"

Please. The old games had a strict inventory limit and enemies in those games didn't drop money, ammo, health all the time like the later games. And you found your weapons. You didn't buy them from a merchant.

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User Info: mtjormitch

4 years ago#73
OnsIaughter posted...
KabtheMentat posted...
From: mtjormitch | #067
JohnQuincyTroII posted...
Please. Kojima would be considered a joke in the film industry. He's only overrated as a "great storyteller" by people like you because the bar for quality writing is incredibly low in the game industry. So in comparison to everybody else he seems "amazing".

He and David Cage are people who desperately wish they wish they were making movies but don't have the talent to do so. So they strive to make games they pass off as "experiences".

Your name pretty much proves you wrong already. I don't have to say anything else to prove you wrong.

Mr. mtjormitch is right. While Kojima is a goddamn hack, I'm going to disagree about stories in games being considered low quality. There are games with far better stories than the majority of movies. Some even have better acting, dialogue, special effects, etc.

Though none of that applies to a Kojima game, obviously.

This kind of thinking is the epitome of what I'm talking about. You need to watch more movies and read books. Video games are the lowest on the totem pole in regards to storytelling.

To say otherwise shows that you take video games too seriously.

Are you serious? If you really think that then you are a fool. When even an average video game has more of a script and honestly higher story quality than even the most artsy of movies. You know something is wrong with the movie industry. The sheer fact that indie video games are awesome while Indie movies ARE NOT GOOD at all should also say something. It takes actual talent to make a video game, but not a movie.
People need to realize that games are art. Seriously, it's been proven over and over again. I think it's about time to people to man up and finally say this.
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