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Need opinions on which PS3 to get

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User Info: slimem1

4 years ago#1
U3 super slim bundle 250gb or AC3 slim 500gb bundle?

User Info: gudaman

4 years ago#2
Why not go with the white ps+ 500GB bundle?
gt: gudaman / PSN: OvaryPuncher9000
I'm open to pretty much any game you wanna play as long as I own it.

User Info: JulesNeci

4 years ago#3
I would recommend the 320 GB Uncharted Slim Bundle. The Super Slim is louder, and the disc tray feels awkward.
However, if you really love the Super Slim, Newegg had a really good deal this morning: 250GB + NFS Most Wanted + Burnout Paradise for $240. But it's all sold out now, sorry. They're having awesome PS3 deals, still, though, so check them out:
Since when is it such a crime to own a Vita and a 3DS and LOVE both of them?
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