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Of these 3, which one failed the hardest?

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User Info: boofie

4 years ago#41
theshoveller posted...
CammyApple posted...
Each one is part of a franchise that is having problems in part because its fanbase doesn't know what they want.

Final Fantasy for instance. The fans seem to want a game like an older one (6,7,10 for example) but new.

Resident Evil fans seem to want survival horror but with action controls and mechanics.

DmC I don't think belongs among the other two because it's a reboot.

People want the things they are familiar with but not so much that the game is the same and not so little that it's different.

Basically. "I want something new, but the same." Give them the same thing, and they complain there's no innovation or it's stale. Give them change, and they complain that it's nothing like the old ones, or the changes were bad because it's not the same as it used to be.

Making video games is sometimes a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" business.

I like to think that you can improve a game without changing the core principle of how it plays. It's crazy I know.
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  3. Of these 3, which one failed the hardest?

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