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How do you so-called "hardcore" gamers enjoy Assassins Creed?

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User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#21
Sometimes, I just want to go on a virtual adventure.

Not every game has to be challenging for me to enjoy it. If I want extreme challenge, I have Battletoads, TMNT, Ghouls & Ghosts, Comix Zone, and Castlevania for that.
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User Info: -Crazy_Dude-

4 years ago#22
Godly_Goof posted...
ramseanGoodbye posted...
Lord_Xandros posted...
From: ramseanGoodbye | #002
gucciburrr posted...
You "hardcore" gamers bark about games not offering any kind of challenge and overrate those that are built solely to annoy the player (Souls series). So how do you enjoy AC? This series is about to get it's sixth console installment. The first five offer absolutely no challenge whether it be ridiculously easy missions and side quest or braindead Ai that allow you to slaughter 30 enemies simultaneously without getting a scratch. The average player will die more times because of the shoddy inconsistent platforming than the "challenges" the games throws at you. I just don't get it....

I've only played Assassins Creed 3 but my one issue with it is it doesn't feel like a stealth game. There's no real punishment for playing it like dynasty warriors. It is fun though in bursts, and thats all a game really has to be fun and interesting. It is nice to play something rock hard like Sin and Punishment 2 every now and again, but I wouldn't want all my games to be like that,

It wasn't created to be a stealthy game.

When i think assassins, i think stealth not Lu Bu god of war

Personally I prefer games like the old Hitman games. You could just kill everything and get a s***ty score or go for silent assassin and get the bonus' for it. When the game seems to be framed around stealth and their is no downside to just brute forcing it it seems kind of lame.

Yeah AC tries to do this but fails. It has the optional mission of *not being detected* but the stealth mechanics are non-existent (you can't even crouch without bushes!!) and it becomes boring so what's the point? It's unfortunate that it's fight mechanics are also horrible, it's simply counter/kill, counter/kill. You can kill an army with no effort as enemies attack one at a time, this was in AC1 and is still prevalent! That bad developing.
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  3. How do you so-called "hardcore" gamers enjoy Assassins Creed?

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