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IMO sonys biggest weakness over nintendo and microsoft

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User Info: Kolanifv

4 years ago#21
Sony's much more open as to what you can do to your system as long as you're not pirating, I think you're confused. I know I wasn't able to put any 1TB hard drive into my XBox, I was limited to the official, overpriced MS product.

User Info: GazelMinistry

4 years ago#22
badboy posted...
Have you heard of punctuation?
I am a nontheist, a nihilist. And I'm sure god loves me anyway.

User Info: Icrushlilpeople

4 years ago#23
Karnage4208238 posted...
first let me just say this not a troll topic im just voicing my opinion and second im by no means a sony nintendo or microsoft fanboy i buy games i like to play for any system thet can play them like if a game out for 2 or more different systems i would buy both versions to support the companys who made the games now with that out of the way sonys biggest weakness imo is there stupid "its my way or the highway" attitude they do everything any anything in there power to prevent anything that doesnt fit there fancy from being added to there products here is a example thats say you own a ps3 you mod it so you can cheat and do other things you want to do with the system you paid for and belongs to you and not to sony anymore now what they do they do they go completely over the line with some stupid bs and its not just this there are so many more examples of there "its my way or the highway" attitude way to many to list i mean look at nintendo and microsoft they dont go any anywhere near over the line sony goes to prevent things form happening to there game systems like sony does

Somebody please explain this to me like I'm 5
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  3. IMO sonys biggest weakness over nintendo and microsoft

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