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TOMB RAIDER who's buying?

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User Info: twa556

4 years ago#11
$40 for the game or $60-70 for the collectors edition. When one of these 2 things happen, I'm all over it.
Typical example of Anime^

User Info: nickizgr8

4 years ago#12
RioichiCooper posted...
Acquire posted...
Already have it preloaded through steam.

Sony should really try to do something like that for PSN.

You can pre order through PSstore right now. Maybe Preloading will come next gen?

User Info: JimmyCosmos

4 years ago#13
Gonna wait for my friends to play it and see what they think of it. I'm a little burned out on the adventure/visceral/qte/cover third person shooters and if TR is a clone of Uncharted... eh.. I'll pass.
Favs so far this gen: Valkyria Chronicles, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Demon's Souls, Yakuza 3, 4 & Dead Souls, Binary Domain, WO3... and Dark Souls .. '-_-

User Info: alkeyehol82

4 years ago#14
Paid for it when I pre ordered it, should receive in the post tomorrow morning(will play it as soon as I get back from the gym).
PSN ID: Alkeye82
Gamertag: Alkeyehol

User Info: ninjakraken

4 years ago#15
Daggeraxe posted...
Already bought it.

Me too. I find that it's a pretty good game so far, not perfect but enjoyable.
PSN: lady_mystic
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User Info: Slayer

4 years ago#16
Day 1 bro.
1990's > 2000's > 1980's > 2010 - 2013

User Info: DocDelicious

4 years ago#17
Jx1010 posted...
No.... thats not Tomb Raider
Disgaea 4, Metal Gear Rising, Borderlands 2, Vanquish, Sound Shapes, Need For Speed: MW 2012, Monster Hunter FU

User Info: Slayer

4 years ago#18
DocDelicious posted...
Jx1010 posted...
No.... thats not Tomb Raider

Yes it is.
1990's > 2000's > 1980's > 2010 - 2013

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#19
Already have it. Great game.

User Info: GM_

4 years ago#20
Pre-Ordered both the PS3 version (Collectors) and the Digital Deluxe edition from Steam.
CooperRC: "The 360 and PS3 are just fighting in the special olympics, the PC version is king."
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