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Your Favorite Rated E Game?

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User Info: cloud2556

4 years ago#1
Not E+10, but E for everyone. Mine would have to be Little Big Planet
"Only fools believe in deterrence."

User Info: Irony

4 years ago#2
I am Mogar, God of Irony and The Devourer of Topics.

User Info: qlaxmicmizzel38

4 years ago#3
Mario Kart Wii
"If you look good, you are good."

User Info: Eseenuz

4 years ago#4
Gran Turismo 5

User Info: TRIAZlC

4 years ago#5
Crash Team Racing - my band, check us out. (I play drums, synth and backing vox).
PSN= Triazic

User Info: RioichiCooper

4 years ago#6
Sly 2: Band of Thieves
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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#7
For PS3, Sonic Generations.

User Info: carsauce

4 years ago#8
Sonic Generations for me as well lol
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#9
"Lesser Demon is less than a Demon, But more than an Imp"

User Info: ukokira1

4 years ago#10
Rayman Origins.
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