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What is your favorite PAAGG?

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User Info: tmons78

4 years ago#11
Draconas_Lyrr posted...
tmons78 posted...
World of Warcraft

That's the best Play as a Girl Game.

What if he meant, "Play as a Giraffe Game?"

Then it would be Tokyo Jungle.

User Info: zemzero

4 years ago#12
Well, what if he meant "Play as a Gorilla Game"?

User Info: Godstriker8

4 years ago#13
MaxCHEATER64 posted...
^^^Don't listen to this guy, he's scammed people out of cars in GT5.

No I didn't, I told the guy to add my PSN, and he never did. Not my fault.
I'm just dickin aroouunnnd

User Info: MaxCHEATER64

4 years ago#14

User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#15
zemzero posted...
Well, what if he meant "Play as a Gorilla Game"?

Bubbles in a TPS.
PSN ID:gearhead32
I used to care but now I take a pill for that.I apologize for nothing.

User Info: Evil_Gogeta

4 years ago#16
Please Argue against Gay Goats. It doesn't make sense sir, you are pretty silly TC.
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Playing: (WiiU) MH3GHD, (PS3) Awaiting games, (Vita) PSO2

User Info: HolyMcmoly

4 years ago#17
I'm going to assume you meant pog. My favorite was this metal slammer in the shape of the one on the right:

That **** was deadly, son!

User Info: este914

4 years ago#18
MyWifeBeatsMe posted...
Im totally diggin Black Ops II bro. game is so SICK

It wasnt that good man. Single player campaign is forgettable
--> [ este914 ] <--
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