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What's your favorite Sly Cooper game?

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User Info: S1lver_Bull3t

4 years ago#11
"Fight and hunt as you like. Whoever's fastest gets the prey. That's the way we do it."

User Info: Virus66

4 years ago#12
Band of Thieves> Honor Among Thieves> Thieves in Time> Thievius Racoonus
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User Info: oasisbeyond

4 years ago#13
Part 1 was such a fun fast paced game... Part 2 was a better made game but so slow... Why can't they bring back fast paced missions or levels? Are they that stupid? Sly 1 has some awesome fun platforming levels. Enemies were 1 shot hits and lame but they can fix that easy with the better combat system of part 2...
Give us a open world but also levels like part 1...

User Info: BeastLeeAdams

4 years ago#14
I think everyone in the gaming world weather you are a Nintendrone, Sony Pony, Xbot or part of the Master Race can agree that Pachter should be fired.

User Info: Bebop242

4 years ago#15
1>2=3 and haven't played enough of the new one to make a call yet.

User Info: kel25

4 years ago#16
1>2>3> I haven't played 4 yet and not sure if I will.
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User Info: rockyoumonkeys

4 years ago#17
Probably 2>1>>>>>3

2 became kind of a grind. I didn't really like 3 as much because they got rid of clue bottles and treasures, though on the other hand, I appreciated not having to sell any loot I stole.

4 is excellent so far, though I'm not that far so I don't know yet how it stacks up to 2.
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User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#18
Thieves in Time, but Sly 2 is really close.
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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#19
I like tit.
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User Info: Deimos259

4 years ago#20
Probably 3, despite all the mini-games. It had the best humor and characters. I liked the worlds better, too.
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