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Everyone who thinks that DLC should be free.....

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User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#41
DLC have always been free prior to this gen. Back then they're just content on the same disk. This gen they stripped out content from the disk and charge extra for them. Why shouldn't they be free again?

Disclaimer: I do realize that there are legit expansions that are not cash-grabs, but they are few and far in between
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User Info: RE4_Stranger

4 years ago#42
toadieman posted...
It should've been in the game in the first place or saved and put in the sequel.

So they should either delay the game to put content that they hadn't even thought the content up yet?

Or rather then adding to a game we should have to wait until the next game which could be anywhere from 2 years to 5 years away or more?

Seems pretty unfair for someone to say that that's the way things should be run when people like me and most others are able to spend $5-$20 once in a while.
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User Info: KDogg1800

4 years ago#43
You have the choice to not buy it. I refuse to buy those clothes/colors for SSF4:AE. The game still functions just the same w/o them. Now Borderlands is a series I will happily pay for DLC. At least in that it's like I'm getting an expansion.

User Info: DevilTears604

4 years ago#44
I still remember us paying $50 for a Super Nintendo game that could be finished in an afternoon and people were stoked for them. Some of those games sit as most people's Greatest Games of all Time.

Gamers have turned into entitlists. The price to make games, at least games we will accept, has gone up DRAMATICALLY while the price for us to purchase said games has barely gone up at all. All you have to do is watch the news reel and you'll see that every other week, another developer goes out of business. The business model game developers have used for 20 years DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. They have to try using DLC and microtransactions if they want to stay afloat. Unless you're Rockstar or Infinity Ward, you could go down next week. Everyone is scrambling to find a new model that will work and make them money as opposed to costing them money.

If DLC is for a game that I love, I'll pay for it. But all these issues don't bother me in the least, especially when you consider the game industry is leaking jobs every single day.
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User Info: KaiKun91

4 years ago#45
Don't mind paying for character and map but weapon and costume etc.... is pointless.
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