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PlayStation Plus really is a FANTASTIC service

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User Info: gzus_AD

4 years ago#21
Scratchems posted...
You explained so clearly why I should spend my hard earned americun moneys on ps+ I just thought you had an answer for everything.

There is no need to be rude or ignore me though. I'll go buy plus now if you'll be my friend and say sausage or bacon?

OR??? OR?!?!?! Sausage AND bacon!
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User Info: Scratchems

4 years ago#22
Folks that make generalizations about genres (or services) deserve to miss out on good games.

Sausage it is.

I've been enjoying the heck out of farcry and more recently tomb raider, but I also love me some good old fashioned turn based.

"Those" gamers are goofballs.

Edit: I picked up ps+ because it's cheaper than renting games and it gives me games I wouldn't normally buy or rent. I just pick up the games I do want to own (and I sometimes wait til they go on sell used, sue me)

User Info: STT_Zidane

4 years ago#23
it sucks when you have a 40GB hard drive and there are 20+ GB games, meaning you can't play them at all :(
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User Info: Rabillion

4 years ago#24
Seri-_-ously posted...
Gamers that only play those annoying little JRPGs are missing out. BioShock, anyone?
Japanese ONLY gamers: "No, that game is so dumb! It's made by a Western developer and has a shotgun in it!!!"

Gotta love weaboos.

I'm getting older so I can relate more to protagonists in Western games who are *gasp* adults. Who can relate to the kid hailing from a small town (and happens to have amnesia) magically ends up saving the world from destruction for the ten thousandth time? The JRPG stereotypes are always true.

User Info: BurgerTime79

4 years ago#25
If the game is fun and I'm enjoying it, then I really don't care if the main character is an adult, teen or younger. I had just as much fun with Borderlands as I did with Ni No Kuni.
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User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#26
Seri-_-ously posted...
BurgerTime79 posted...
Junpei_Stupei posted...
I have it right now, and the games they offer suck.

Should have put in more JRPGs for PS3.

You knew full well before purchasing the service that they didn't offer a lot of Japanese games. You make a whole topic to ask us about it, and we flat out told you that you would not be satisfied with it. The games they offer don't suck, you're just complaining about them because they're not from Japanese developers.
All we ever see you post is either a slam against Western developers and their games, or praise for a Japanese title.

He's one of THOSE Japanese lovers eh?

Junpei_Stupei is a well known western game hating troll and not to be taken seriously pay him no mind.
PSN ID:gearhead32
I used to care but now I take a pill for that.I apologize for nothing.

User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#27
I like PS+ as well and have been member since the start.
PSN ID:gearhead32
I used to care but now I take a pill for that.I apologize for nothing.

User Info: peinxkonan

4 years ago#28
I think PS+ is a good service, but I honestly have no interest in it. The cloud saves would be the most useful feature for me, followed by the extra PS Home features. Don't really care for automatic updates.
---Doesn't care

User Info: Jim200

4 years ago#29
I agree PS+ is great even on the Vita.

Like 20 games on the Vita are more than 1/4 off. Most over half the past 2 weeks and going on.

Plants VS Zombies on an actual mobile gaming machine? Yes!
Thinking Is Destructive
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User Info: BloodyBooger

4 years ago#30
+ has given me more games than i can play. it's fantastic.
"Purple is a fruit" -Homer Simpson
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