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Why are people against Japan and realism?

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User Info: koalabear9000

4 years ago#11
Bayonetta_ posted...
Real Japanese culture (Not Anime) is beautiful. I honestly think if Japan focused more on showing the world it's culture and depth they'd have better sells. Hell I'll go as far to say if Japan created more less violent realistic games based on their culture it could shift the mindset of gaming proving not all games need excessive violence to sell as AAA titles.

Real Japan: Imagine getting to explore this Shenmue style in HD.

(If Japan did make more Shenmue style games based on realistic Japan and dating sims with legit storylines (No Anime) I'd buy that over games like God of War and many other western games any day.)

So you want something like Yakuza games? Just without violence? And could you name me games that don't have any kind of violence in them and are still somewhat realistic.

User Info: MlREFOX

4 years ago#12
Bayonetta_ posted...
MlREFOX posted...
I don't understand the point of this topic. What does TC want, a walking around Japan simulator? This is a video game site, not a travel guide.

How about you go back to jerk'n to Anime porn you love so much. I mean that's all Japan is to you guys right? Anime Anime moe moe that's what 99% of all you Jrpg lovers care about.

Not one of you damn idiots care about the depth or rich culture of Japan and how it could donate to bettering Japanese games. All you guys seem to care about is your next underage child porn characters in your damn Anime jrpgs.

Freaking morons.

Except that I despise anime and speak Japanese and have visited Japan a number of times, but sure, we'll stick with your asinine pre-teen rant.

Grow the hell up if you ever want to be taken seriously. Just because people don't like your lame ideas doesn't mean you should throw temper tantrums online.
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