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Whats your best Rank on a leader board thingy?

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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#21
I think #5 or around that in a Bit.trip game leaderboards
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User Info: true_gamer80

4 years ago#22
Ive had numerous number ones :)

uraban chaos on ps2 was number 1 for months

stuntman ignition I was number one on every mission till I stopped playing it

number 1 in a few modes in SSHD till I stopped playing it

number 1 in many psn arcade games

number one in many lap times in diff racing games for brief times

I was also ranked 24 in the world in warhawk before all the flag glitching started
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User Info: StaleCrackers

4 years ago#23
Got up to #2 on Assassins Creed: Brotherhood FFA ranks (out of over 1 mil) in March of last year, before the boosters started to roll back in.

User Info: Razael_Osirus

4 years ago#24
Trials Evolution. I had 69th place on that one minigame where you have to keep that giant ball on top of you and see how far you can go while keeping it balanced.
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User Info: SpoonSports

4 years ago#25
110 on leaderboards for COD: Black Ops zombies
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User Info: Tricked Out Horo

Tricked Out Horo
4 years ago#26
Rank 20 something on Sneaking in the original MGO on the PS2.
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User Info: MrSmadSmartAlex

4 years ago#27
Lots of #1s on WipEout Pulse (Time Trial and Speed Lap modes, all speed classes). Some of them are probably still unbeaten (dunno if anybody still plays it, as the site is gone now).

On PS3, the only #1 I've had is one of the challenges on Alex Kidd in Miracle World, but it only stood for a couple of weeks, then everybody found a better method.

User Info: benhod

4 years ago#28
A few number 1 times on Modnation Racers and PGR4 along with a few on the trick points mode.

24th in the C Class endurance on Forza 2 (fastest mini)

Also ranked 5th in Europe on Socom
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User Info: MelficeSeph2

4 years ago#29
Was number 1 on the leaderboards for Jet Grind Radio in a few locations.
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