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Jrpgs that have horribly slow starts

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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#101
macapala posted...
tigerex777 posted...
From: macapala | #154
Although Xenogears is my favourite RPG, which has one hell of an awesome story, I will admit it has a very slow start that can become a bit tedious.

no dude the game is a masterpiece from beginning to end. That whole village scenario with Fei turning crazy was a masterpiece build up.

I'm not denying the awesomeness of Xenogears' story, I'm just saying it took a while to really take off.

Ya and the ending wasn't masterful lol It's just philosophical nonsense mixed in with redeeming an irredeemable character (Krelian). Honestly the rest of the game walked such a nice razors edge between convoluted and complex and managed to stay on the side of complex until you get to the Zohar and it firmly takes a nose dive off the edge into plain ol' convoluted. It's a masterpiece but a flawed and incomplete one.
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User Info: NeolsRecords

4 years ago#102
Star Ocean 2 drove me nuts back in the day. I loved that game and all it's glory but the elder in Arlia is a windbag.
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User Info: edwinhai

4 years ago#103
final fantasy 7
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User Info: Sans Pants

Sans Pants
4 years ago#104
"Just curious but which RPG this gen is a normal/fast start for you?"
Ar Tonelico 3. You're not stuck with just the main character for an inordinately-long period of time like some JRPGs.

I thought Mana-Khemia 2 had good pacing. Okay, it's a PS2 game from 2009, but still. You're not stuck with a small party for a long time like Star Ocean 3, and anything you do is progress in some way. And with the two protagonists, you get carryover from one story to the next, so the second story takes MUCH less time than the first.

User Info: Anema1986

4 years ago#105
Tales of Eternia
Legend of Mana
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User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#106
Oh rearry?

User Info: irinawds

4 years ago#107
PhaseSlaethe posted...
chrcol posted...
for people who hate ff13 prior to chapter 11 they are too addicted to action and open worlds.

Final fantasy games are a lot about story telling and character development (alot of this was trashed in ff13-2 tho).

Neither of those two things were found in FF13.

So your point?

What I don't get is, the impatience with NNK. 30 minutes? Really?

They weren't found in FF7 either but I don't recall that being a problem back then.

User Info: craelon

4 years ago#108
If it is indeed a JRPG, Monster Hunter. You're so weak, so pathetic, and so confused when you start the game and only after a few hours of grinding and gathering can you even attempt a full-on hunt of a major monster. That's right, before you can do what the title of the game advertises you have to spend at least an hour not doing it just to get strong enough to do it. And that's if you actually know how to play the game, if you're learning then it can be well over 4 hours before you get the hang of it. A very slow paced game but I'd say worth it in the end.
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User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#110
cb52211 posted...
Valkyrie Profile. It starts off with like an hour of boring, non skippable cutscenes. In fact, almost every Einherjar scene lasts a bit too long for my tastes. Luckily the dungeons and combat make up for it.

Star Ocean 3. Once you reach Elicoor 2 (I think that's the name of the planet) the game just drags, and the plot feels more like a deep sidequest rather than a central plot point. I remember I kept checking an FAQ just to see how far I was from getting off that planet.

Final Fantasy 7. While I didn't have a problem with Midgar, I did have a problem with basically the rest of the first disk. "Sephiroth is in Junon." "He's not here anymore. Now he's in Costa Del Sol." "You just missed him. He went to Nibelheim." Things pick up a bit after the first disk, but man is it dull until then.

Chrono Chross. The issues stem more from the fact that it's a sequel to Chrono Trigger rather than the plot of the game itself. What I mean is that rather than following up on the plot of the first game, we instead spend most of the game wondering how it ties together with its' predecessor. Would it have killed them to throw in a reference or cameo before the Dead Sea? Because I can see how people would quit the game in frustration before they reach that point. It doesn't help that the connection is so poorly told through extremely vague hints that they basically give you the Sparknotes edition thanks to an NPC before the final boss.

I never understood the issues people have with the Chrono Cross story. Everything that happens is a direct result of the events of Chrono Trigger. Not to mention, there are direct links to CT all over the game. Prometheus and Kid, for example, directly link to two CT characters.
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