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Hello, PS3 board, I'm Back. How about a giveaway?

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User Info: CrimsonGear80

4 years ago#1
I was thinking of what i should talk about when my "vacation" from the boards was up.

Should I discuss all the games I played in the past month? Nah, would take too long. Besides, with the exception of Aliens: Colonial Marines, they were all pretty great.

Should I give my thoughts on the PS4? Nah, there isn't quite enough info yet, including a launch date and price, for me to start thinking about the next-gen yet. I will say though that if Watch_Dogs stays a launch title, chances are i will get a PS4 at launch.

Should I talk about the various topics and opinions I have read on this board over the last month? LOL, no. Now THAT would be a waste of time. I will say though that some people think awfully high of themselves based on some of the things I've read....

So, I decided to do this: when I got Crysis 3 it came with a code to download the original Crysis. But, I already have the original Crysis, so I'm going to give the code away, and I'll give it away to the person who can tell me why they want the game the most. However, you have a rule to follow when you type out your response:

You CAN NOT use the letter "E" in your response.

Now, a few points to make:

-Your response must be at least two sentences long, with at least four words in each sentence
- no using "fake" abbreviations. For example, no turning "Love" into "Luv" or Nevermind" into "NVM".
-You CAN use "internet" acronyms like LOL and LMAO, but they will only count as ONE word in your sentences
-You can post as many responses as you want, but i will NOT count edited messages. You mess up and post a response with a "E" in it, you'll just have to make another post.

Also, and I can't stress this enough, I will only send the code to the winner's PSN ID. let me repeat: I WILL ONLY SEND THE CODE TO A PSN ID. No e-mails, not GFaqs private message, a PSN ID ONLY. If you don't want to let me know your PSN ID, then don't even bother entering.

That's about it, I will give the code for a free copy of the original Crysis to the person who I believe gives me the best response to why they want the game without using the letter "E". Follow the criteria above and good luck! Good to be back :)
DmC is a good game. I also enjoyed the latest Final Fantasy and Resident Evil games. I like video games. GO NINERS!!!

User Info: firefoxts5

4 years ago#2
People who actually believe these giveways are little kids who believe some random guy in a van needs help looking for his dog.
psn: Overlord-Fox---gamertag: Overlord foxx

User Info: CrimsonGear80

4 years ago#3
I have given away codes before. I guarantee this is legit.
Glad DmC shipped a million copies and was a success. Supporting risk-takers and change is how the industry grows.

User Info: infiniteKIDD

4 years ago#4
I don't win things much. It was my birthday on March 6 so I shall win as a gift.
PSN: Lickuiid
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User Info: _ChunksTM_

4 years ago#5
Crysis has cool guns and stuff. I want to play it bad... so bad, man!!!!
Peace through tyranny.
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User Info: Sevi_ney

4 years ago#7
I am a big fan of Crysis. I want stuff for no cash at all, it is fantastic.
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User Info: guiltyslayer

4 years ago#8
I'm poor.

User Info: Irony

4 years ago#9
As Mogar; God of Irony and King of Topic Crushing. I say how about I obtain it as I am a God?
I am Mogar, God of Irony and The Devourer of Topics.

User Info: RBGamer_

4 years ago#10
I thought Crysis two was good. Always thought I'd play original Crysis but couldn't find hours to download and buy it. Now I control many hours for play. Thank you sir.
It's all coming to an end.
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