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Is Sonic Adventure 2 HD worth it?

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User Info: ph121

4 years ago#11
LionheartCJ posted...

Also the HD re-release of SA1 is only in 4:3, so if you want to play it in fullscreen you have to set your PS3 to 480p 4:3 (unless there is a way to get 720p/1080p at 4:3)

just run the game at 720/1080p, let it go full screen, then use your TVs scaling options to reduce the 16:9 image to 4:3 with vertical letterboxing..
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User Info: flame030191

4 years ago#12
PangLa posted...
flame030191 posted...
MP is local only (two controllers required, no online).

Other than that, any fan of 3D Sonic will definitely enjoy it.

Yeah, that's exactly what I need, local play. He is only 3 years old lol.

I just saw some videos of the game, this is the Sonic game where you take care of babies or whatever right? I remember playing this when I was younger, I had no idea this was it haha.

The story is ok in the game, theres a lot of action levels ala Sonic (nothing complicated or violent, just standard Sonic games) and it does have Chao Garden as a side thing to do.

Overall i had a lot of fun with it 10 years ago, and the HD version didnt disappoint.
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User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#13
LionheartCJ posted...
Stanger5150 posted...
I prefer the first one, and I hate how SA2 forces the use of characters and gameplay styles I can't stand. The digging levels made me hate the game.

2's controls and camera are alot tighter, but 1 did have the better gameplay style. If all the levels were like Green Forest and White Jungle then it would of easily surpassed the first game

Also the HD re-release of SA1 is only in 4:3, so if you want to play it in fullscreen you have to set your PS3 to 480p 4:3 (unless there is a way to get 720p/1080p at 4:3)

I didn't know that. I haven't played it since I upgraded to an HDTV.
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User Info: ViietNam1

4 years ago#14
Pretty good & it's not an HD remake btw lol.

User Info: Great_Pudding_3

4 years ago#15
Even though I'm a huge Sonic fan and grew up with his games on the Genesis, I skipped this one on the Dreamcast.

I bought the HD version and honestly my experience was worse then Sonic 06'. Not exaggerating. Just very bad in every way. I really didn't find any of it enjoyable.

Though lots of people hate Sonic Adventure 1 for being buggy and weird. I happen to love that one to death.
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User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#16
Yes. It is easily one of the best 3D Sonics. I would even say it's the best 3D Sonic. That's just me, though.
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User Info: solideye11

4 years ago#17
For todays standards, the game is........... bleh. But young kids usually overlook problems with games, so he should enjoy it.
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User Info: Heracross17

4 years ago#18
This is one of my favorite games of all time. I love taking care of chao. I love the story. The camera causes major issues, so no change there.

As great as this game is, I can't say you should get it just for multiplayer. If I recall correctly, there are 3 modes: Racing, 2P Fighting, and Treasure Hunting.
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User Info: mistergrownman

4 years ago#19
As far as multiplayer goes.... the treasure hunting may be fun.
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User Info: Raycon

4 years ago#20
I spent SOOOOOOOOO many hours in that Chao Garden. It was almost unhealthy.
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