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Best Dynasty Warrior style game from this gen?

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User Info: The_Bones

4 years ago#31
kaiser ryu posted...
Yeah, I don't know. Watching Gundam 2 and 3 vids I feel 3's visuals are a marked step up and I can't say the zones looked too confining, though definitely smaller.

So it's looking like the consensus is falling on DW7:oneortheother, Sengoku Basara, Warriors Orochi 3 or one of the later Gundams. Contention seems to be over WO and Gundams 2 and 3, each respectively. Sound about right?

Japanese title only aside, is DW8 looking to dethrone 7 in ways other than just being newer?

I don't think DW8 could be any worse than DW7. DW7 had so little content and the musou modes weren't any good. Gameplay was okay but I still preferred the other games for the most part. Empries sounds like it might be pretty good though but definitely avoid the regular edition. For DWG I would pick DWG2. The missions in 3 get monotonous really fast as there is no variety in stage objective and the stages themselves are few and uninspired. DWG3 has some of the worst level design I've seen this generation. Sengoku Basara is pretty good. Fist of the North Star was pretty great too. The second one is supposed to be better but I haven't played it yet. Samurai Warriors Chronicles for 3DS is surprisingly pretty great. The game has a good amount of replayability, adds something new to the usual Warriors formula, and offers a good amount of challenge as stage objectives greatly affect the battle.

User Info: loseswithluigi

4 years ago#32
I really really enjoyed Warriors Orochi 3, stupidly easy a it is.
If i were someone not terribly versed in Warriors games i'd recommend Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes/ 3 Utage. There arent any clone movesets and the game is more fast paced overall, it'd make the genre more accessible anyways.

User Info: kaiser ryu

kaiser ryu
4 years ago#33
There doesn't feel like a version of DW7 that feels complete. Though watching videos of 7 and 8 it seems like 7 has a LOT more on screen enemies in a given battle.

Watching more Gundam videos, I feel I'll pass on either. There just doesn't seem to be enough "swimming through pools of enemies" action in there, especially compared to what I've seen of DW7.

I feel torn between waiting for 8 and working out what to do about 7. I never liked the Xtreme Legends concept back in the day and it seems about a decade after I last played the series it's still two halves of a whole game with an obnoxious disc swapping mechanic to gum the mess up. I would SERIOUSLY love a game of the year edition sort of deal here.
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