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Tomb Raider Is Like a Not Very Good Uncharted

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User Info: Video_Game_Czar

4 years ago#91
KOTRwhoops posted...
Good for you. I happen to think Tomb Raider trumps the Uncharted series and I really like those games.

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User Info: Phewfus

4 years ago#92
Hey guess where Uncharted got its inspiration from? Say anything other than Tomb Raider and you're wrong.

You can't copy a copy cat kiddo.

This is ignoring the fact that there were many adventure game series prior to Tomb Raider, including Prince of Persia, Pitfall, Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis, etc.

Tomb Raider didn't start the trend.

User Info: mmpepsi

4 years ago#93
riddlebox89 posted...
mmpepsi posted...
riddlebox89 posted...
mmpepsi posted...
Considering the gameplay really isn't that similar at all to the Tomb Raiders that came out before Uncharted I'd say you're wrong. It took its inspiration from adventure movies most likely.

And considering the fact that it doesn't matter whether the gameplay was similar or not, Uncharted is still 1) A poor mans Tomb Raider, and 2) Nothing without the high end visuals and arcade style gunfights.

Really take those away and this "fantastic" franchise is no longer as great as you once thought it was.

So Uncharted isn't anything without it's gameplay?

That's an amazing claim to make. Can't argue with that.

Did I say anything about it's gameplay as a whole? No, I said "Without the high end visuals and arcade style gunfights." unless you're implying that all Uncharted has in terms of gameplay is arcade style gunfights.

Nope, but the fact you're saying take out some of it's gameplay is what I find incredible.

Everything about the Uncharted games is well done. The controls are tight, the gameplay is well done, and it looks great. No one in their right mind would compare it to any of the Tomb Raiders before the new one and say it's a poor version of that since it does everything far better.

Tomb Raider evolves by copying other games. It copied Prince of Persia after Angel Of Darkness and now it's copying Uncharted.

User Info: mad_capsule

4 years ago#94
Uncharted was influenced by indiana jones and die hard, actual word of mouth when ND were working on the original uncharted so all this " tomb raider influenced uncharted is bull" CD basically waited till some great games and ideas of this generation were released (uncharted, assassins creed 3, arkham, far cry 3) and ripped them right off. Dont get me wrong they put effort into making it just not coming up with any ideas. Once everyone takes off their lara croft tinted spectacles and the much better games are released ( bioshock infinite, GOW judgement, GTA 5) then this game will seem like a distant memory.
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