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Borderlands fans...

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User Info: PancakesRock15

4 years ago#1
I played BL1 (and all dlc :)) and absolutely loved it (all 100% alone too haha), and I kinda want to get BL2, but I have some questions.
1) Can it be played through fine alone?
2) Splitscreen multiplayer?
3) Worse, as good, or better than BL1?
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User Info: PancakesRock15

4 years ago#2
Bump? :(
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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#3
yeah can be played alone or split screen multiplayer. and i liked it better than the 1st

User Info: InfernoSD

4 years ago#4
1) Yeah. Some parts of the game are clearly designed for teamwork, but you can always power your way through. It's pretty much as solo-able as BL1.

2) Yep. Also can take splitscreen online.

3) As good. You can point out some things that are maybe downgrades from BL1, but plenty of smart changes too. Going back to BL1 now is hard. Ultimately, though, BL2 doesn't do anything too drastically different from the first game, so make sure you're ready for more of it.
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User Info: Evel138

4 years ago#5
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Better IMHO.

Anyone that is a fan of the first game.....Borderlands 2 is a no brainer as far as I'm concerned.
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User Info: RBGamer_

4 years ago#6
Let me save you from a huge disappointment. Don't buy it. Forced to farm orange drops from bosses. I logged 45 hours on 1 character and found only 1 that isn't a quest reward. ONE. And it's all feed Randy Pitchfords ego by forcing you to follow him on Twitter for golden key codes that are only available for a few hours at a time and/or in limited quantities. These keys open a chest in the main hub city and give purples items every time. To make it relevant they had to severely limit the amount of orange drops. Fan or headahotting enemies and making their heads explode? I was, Mordecai was my favorite character but no more exploding heads. And not justthat they toned the overall gore down, way down. No skippable cutscenes and loads of worthless annoying dialogue. I was the biggest Borderlands ever. I had over 10 maxes our characters and hundreds upon hundreds of orange weapons. I preordered the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition and it was just a huge letdown. It's pretty much a downgrade in every way.
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User Info: Battleship_Gray

4 years ago#7
Borderlands 2 is fantastic, an improvement in nearly every way.
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User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#8
I got to say for question 3, it's not as good.

They tried too hard on the humour. I found a lot of the good gear could only come out of this chest in the hub with "keys" you can acquire by signing up for shift rewards. If you play solo you get worse loot, also.

There's some pretty annoying characters, also.

User Info: ElvenSlurpee

4 years ago#9
I think the major difference is that BL1 is chest-centric for drops whereas BL2 is boss-centric for drops.

I'm a fan of the former, but outside of the drop mechanics, I think BL2 is an upgrade and stands well as a sequel.

User Info: RainIsMyDrug

4 years ago#10
B2 was good till they patch up the bee and no level upgrade.
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