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Hows Ni No Kuni?

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User Info: RubMyDucky

4 years ago#1
Looking at buying this game on my payday and am looking for peoples thoughts about the game? Also, it is long?
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User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#2
I hear it is about 40 hours. I haven't touched it in about a month now though. Just unlocked the Casino.
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User Info: kloud 11

kloud 11
4 years ago#3

User Info: N00bGamerIsN00b

4 years ago#4
Is good, the game last 40 if you do some sidequests and can last 100 for the plat, the story is too kiddy and it gets very boring after a while, battle system is way too simple and battles are way too easy, soundtrack is awesome and art style is awesome too, i rate it 7.5

User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#5
From: kloud 11 | #003

Couldn't stand more than 6 hours.
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User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#6
Shineboxer posted...
From: kloud 11 | #003

Couldn't stand more than 6 hours.

Should make a mule and say that. Coming from you, we all know this never happened.
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User Info: jameswinterton

4 years ago#7
I finished the story at 51 hours, and have done 15 hours of post game. My trophy level is still like 39%
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User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#8
after the charm wears off, its really nothing special. didnt care for the characters or the story, I found myself trying to skip through or not paying attention to most cut scenes just to try to capture more familiars (beasts).

User Info: PhaseSlaethe

4 years ago#9
I do kind of have to agree with it being boring.

The DS portion (since it essentially IS the DS game, with an extended "ending") was fine. The story was alright. However, nothing is engaging. You don't really have any hook. And the non-DS crap was just unnecessary. It was handled so poorly it was funny.

The combat is also very uninspired. It is more fun than Pokemon (sort of), but less fun in terms of it's own variety. Every move is phoned in and pretty much identical. Familiar designs are atrociously lackluster, and you only need a few stronger and "OP" familiars to make the game a joke. The combat mechanics are so clunky that they run over themselves. If you or the enemy do an All move, you'll overwrite anything else happening.

Questing is awful and formulaic. Find this. Beat this. Do this. And often, the "find and do these" are in the same effing town. The find "this" and do "this" are parts of the quest that are found in the same town you got the quest.

VA was alright. The JP VA was pretty good. The music was good. But, the world the music was used in was bad.

The world the game has is dull. It looks okay when IN a location, but when out on the over, it is incredibly bland.

I beat it. I beat it at around 50 hours. But I forced the last 30 hours. I bought the CE, and I needed to justify it. Then I sold it.
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