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Just returned to Battlefield 3...its amazing

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User Info: AssaultMonkey9

4 years ago#1
Got the premium edition for free a while ago but hadn't played much...downloaded the new map packs etc and I cant believe Im only level 17 and wasted so much time on Black Ops 2 and tryinh to get enjoyment out of Crysis 3's online lagfest

Any pros have some tips in terms of the new weapons? I almost always play as Engineer with anti-tank rocket. My primary gun is the M4 with 3 round burst. Im still a few levels away from getting the G36C or whateevr it is. I have the A-91 and the only that also starts with a G next to it

There have been SO many patches since I last played, any tips on what's new? The FAMAS on assault class was really nerfed right? Is there any reason to try recon class? I used to suck at it, hard to rack up a lot of points, really prefer being in the thick of things
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User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#2
Just drop ammo and health packs when you can and you will be more useful than 90% of the people I see online.
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User Info: true_gamer80

4 years ago#3
the new dlc is awesome! Nothing like flying by tanks on a bike while they try to blow oyu up only to hit a jump throw some c4 on the tank below you and drive off and press the detenator....boom

BF3 is the pinnacle of shooters this gen, tons of depth and pure fun
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User Info: Gunzleader

4 years ago#4
i agree famas was a beast. freaking kids and there crying nerf. i drop ammo too and c4 tanks.. i once got a kill i can never see happening again. a helicopter pilot was mad at me cause i stinger his ass 5 times on my engineer kit. all 5 he jumped out ended up as road kill, kills all 5 times.. but i switched to c4 class cause squad wanted ammo. i see him AGAIN in a helicopter trying to land in me as revenge i guess... i throw c4 on his helicopter right? thought i missed it he takes off.. just for the hell of it i blow up the c4.. next thing i know 100 points 3 times pop up.. one of em was him lmfao. was the match winning kill too.
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  3. Just returned to Battlefield 3...its amazing

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