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What are your top 3 favourite video game series?

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User Info: Castiel39

4 years ago#51
Not sure what to say, as there's always at least game i don't like in a series even if i love the rest of them to death.

User Info: Bronxsta

4 years ago#52
1) Uncharted
2) GTA
3) tie between Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell

User Info: galpal1987

4 years ago#53
1) Dead space
2) God of War
3) Tomb raider
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User Info: luigi13579

4 years ago#54
Metal Gear
Deus Ex

Something like that probably.

User Info: TehRYNOL

4 years ago#55
Ratchet & Clank
Final Fantasy
Sonic the Hedgehog
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User Info: psprulz2007

4 years ago#56
1: Metal Gear Solid (no series will ever even come close to touching this series imo)

2: Mario Kart because ive spent countless childhood/adult hood years playing the many games with friends and family

3: God of War purely for the epicness and violent aggression I can lay out. Its fun to just be a pure badass sometimes.

Nods would also go to Grand Theft Auto, which honestly I was torn between GTA and Mario Kart. Ive prob spent more time and had more fun playing GTA but I just had to follow my gut and list my list as such.
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User Info: Tkmajing

4 years ago#57
1. Dark Souls(Dark Souls 2 announced so it makes it a serie,dont like Demon's Souls!)
2. The Elder Scrolls
3. .Hack
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User Info: legionofpancake

4 years ago#58
In no particular order

1. Silent Hill
2. Ratchet & Clank
3. Zelda
Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind.
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#59
No order, And will do 5 instead

Hyperdimension Neptunia
Sin and Punishment
Megaman BN/SF
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#60
Final Fantasy (I only like 1-6 though)
Phantasy Star
Castlevania (all the 2D ones)
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