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name 1 thing you hate about the PS3

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User Info: fedor-machine

4 years ago#1
trophies sync.
annoying as hell.
if you are a high lvl trophies, it take longer to sync.

i have never care about trophies since 2011.
PS3 broke last Spring, finally care to fix it a week ago.
man first time clicking on my profile and change color and avatar and comment and it took like 20 mins to sync my profile.
first time went to 96% and error, 2nd time finally got to 100%.

i wish Sony stop bring trophies for next gen.
play games for fun is better like the PS2 era which was the best era of gaming.

User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#2
locked saves...

User Info: Ajescent

4 years ago#3
Network pass
Which is weird because I don't play games online that often.
I survived the Apocalyps3 and the Collaps3 and all I got was this lousy signature.
If my speilling or grammar sucks, it's the fault of my Touchscreen.

User Info: namethatno1uses

4 years ago#4
Different PSStores for different regions. I have to run in circles to get stuff not released in mine.
Every time a masterpiece like Nier comes along, we get 100 boring shooters. Life's unfair. - simonstrane

User Info: jammies

4 years ago#5
I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.
Groucho Marx

User Info: kingofall214

4 years ago#6
You can't make back up copies of digital goods. DLC,Full DD games,PSN games,etc etc. All gone if PSN goes down and my PS3 breaks.

User Info: Castiel39

4 years ago#7
Sometimes it slows down like a freaking computer.

User Info: dankanefan

4 years ago#8
Brocken_Jr posted...
locked saves...


Also, it's overall slowness. Slow downloads, slow trophy syncing, slow installs, slow in-game XMB, slow startup/shutdown, etc.

Other than those two things I love it! (My Gaming Blog)
@SacCityGamer ~

User Info: Junpei_Stupei

4 years ago#9
- Too many Western-developed games.

- Lack of exclusives from Square-Enix and Capcom.

I think I bought the wrong console this gen.

User Info: x852

4 years ago#10
The fanboys.
"Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment"
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