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Who is pumped for Bioshock Infinite on ps3?

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User Info: L0Z

4 years ago#1
ps3 exclusive features are awesome

3d support
move support
free bioshock 1
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User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#4
I can't say I'm "Pumped", but I am interested.

3D doesn't concern me in the slightest.
Move Support is a joke, but at least they're not forcing it on us.
Bioshock I already own.

The actual game looks good though from what I've seen of it, it doesn't have a MP component like BS 2 did, and I really enjoyed Bioshock.

The only thing keeping me from getting BSI Day-One is DLC, so I'm waiting on a version that includes all the DLC. Either that, or some kind of special deal that will let me get the DLC for no cost like I did with the original.

..also, Bioshock's levels are somewhat non-linear with some exploration and optional paths. It's not Fallout or Elderscrolls in terms of it's non-linearity, it's more like Gran Pulse from FFXIII non-linear, but it's not like you're on rails you do have some freedom to explore and find hidden stuff.
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User Info: Mister_Vanilla

4 years ago#5
Shadow_of_Deth posted...
Never played BioShock series... but isn't it <game play> just another generic FPS? No leveling up or exploration, nothing but point and shoot and listen to people talk, then point and shoot again through the next level until its over?

Yeah, no.

Its the opposite of that. Its a game with a story and people and you make choices and life is a cookie. Go buy the Rapture pack. 30 bucks, both Bioshocks and all the DLC.

Also, TC, that better have been an ironic list of reasons. Cause they sucked.

User Info: Spurner

4 years ago#6
Remember that "feel these nipples" scene in Baseketball?

Yeah, that.

User Info: Acquire

4 years ago#7
I'm excited for the game, but I'm getting the PC version. Songbird Edition.
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User Info: arstos

4 years ago#8
Not excited about those exclusive features. I am excited about the game however, had it preordered for ages, can't wait to pick it up.
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User Info: MetroidHunter13

4 years ago#9
ill probably be waiting til after summer to get it. i went and got the first one on launch day, blew my mind.

got the second one, and was a little less than thrilled i spent 60 on it. i liked it, but it felt more like a 30 or 40$ game, and with some of the DLC being on disc, i was kinda pissed.

multiplayer was extremely unbalanced as hell.

so for infinite, im going to wait til i see it hit a sale for 30 and then go grab it.

who knows, itll probably follow suit with lost of other games and i can get the songbird edition for 50 after a month.

i have other things im waiting on this year, and i need to cut back on spending, so i can wait for that one.
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User Info: ivory3333

4 years ago#10
i'll get it. maybe not on day 1, since i have few games to finish.
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