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Games you hate that everybody loves and you cant fathom why

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User Info: ZodiacKillerJr

4 years ago#241
League of Legends, Halo Series, Every FF after IX, CoD Series, Portal, Minecraft, Mass Effect (I thought it blew monkeys out of the sky, but apparently enough people thought it was good).

Truly though, I am completely dumbfounded on how League of Legends survives. It's such a generic style of game play, there truly lacks uniqueness amongst characters, everyone plays the EXACT same map day in and day out, people take the game way to seriously, even. It's a free to play game, designed by a bunch of nerds who at the time, thought it'd be a great idea to give Trolls and 4channers a Video Game to call home, instead of just forums. The community is by far the worst place on the internet, then the people you face are usually skill-less dill-weeds who cry that you're being "fed" because the idiots just want to push the same combo of keys they learn from dumb websites suggesting that 'this is OP', instead of ever actually using their brains to fight.

GOD I LOATHE League of Legends and all that support it... It's so bad, all ways possible the game is bad, yet it thrives because of moronic websites and game reviewers giving the game a good review, under their skill-less opinions. (That's a whole argument I can get into later.)

User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#242
Red Dead Redemption
Harvest Moon series
Monster Hunter series
Uncharted series
Megaman 1, Megaman 7, and Megaman 9
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2-3, and Black Ops 2
Demon/Dark Souls
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil 3
Kingdom Hearts 2
Fallout 1-2
Jak and Daxter series
Tekken series
Dead or Alive series
Burnout Paradise
Rayman Origins
Assassin Creed Brotherhood and onward.
I love Nowi!!!
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User Info: irinawds

4 years ago#243
Bethesda games, all of them
Bioware games, all of them

FPS games in general

Final Fantasy 7


I could go on

User Info: GoreGross

4 years ago#244
Red Dead. I mean, I don't hate it, but it is probably the most praised game of all time.
"whoa man all we are is dust in the wind 'nd stuff" - Iwantedzero
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User Info: ymdase

4 years ago#245
Persona 4
Assassin's Creed series

User Info: Def_S0ul

4 years ago#246
Diablo 3

User Info: Gunpo

4 years ago#247
assassin creed series

extremely boring to me and dont see how people can buy each new game

User Info: Ampharos64

4 years ago#248
Hmm, there's a few. Skyward Sword, but plenty of people agree with me that it's awful. And I don't care if Wind Waker seems to be praised by many now, it's still too easy and sailing is still rubbish, and it'll serve them right when people play the HD version and all the complaints about it suddenly resurface. Muramasa, but I don't hate it, I just think it's extremely flawed and a total disappointment as a spiritual successor to Odin Sphere. FFIV, but I don't really hate the game itself so much as I hate Cecil, and its irritating series of fake deaths. Also that particular version of the ATB doesn't add much, so theres. Closest to the topic's requirements in terms of not fathoming why would be Super Mario Galaxy, I just really don't get the fuss about that game, past 3D Mario games were so much better. It's almost all too easy, feels linear -that's not automatically bad, it's the fact that it feels it, games can be linear without it being an issue-, and I just generally didn't find anything interesting or particularly praiseworthy about it. Well, I guess the most interesting aspect would've been Rosalina's story, and while that was done well (and made me cry), it felt odd for a Mario game. Think my fellow Nintendo fans cut them too much slack sometimes.

Skyrim looks extremely boring to me, but I'll accept there must be more to it than endless bandit caves since I've only watched my dad play it.

*Feels mean, XD*

User Info: Piranaconda

4 years ago#249
WantedOutlaw posted...
Demon's / Dark Souls
Metal Gear series
Final Fantasy series

I'm sure there are a ton more than I'm forgetting.

Why do you hate MGS?
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User Info: meteor9898

4 years ago#250
FFXIII/XIII-2/Boring Returns

Everybody doesnt love them, per se, but the number of fans and supporters that these digital abortions have managed to accrue still disturbs me greatly and makes me fear even more for JRPG's and SE.
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