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Is Sony getting gamers brain washed when it comes to trophies?

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  3. Is Sony getting gamers brain washed when it comes to trophies?

User Info: SpaceMarineZack

4 years ago#21
I remember a guy posting about playing a game he didnt like only for the trophies.

User Info: Ziggletooth

4 years ago#22
I think we have a bit of personal responsibility here... I choose to pursue trophies, it must be a choice because I am fully aware of what that entails so I'm not being decieved and my mind is not altered with drugs.

so it's not really anymore brainwashing than other collectors or hobbies.

christianity, now that requires manipulation and could be considered brainwashing...which I do consider it to be
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User Info: Battleship_Gray

4 years ago#23
Fo_Fai posted...
TomoEK9 posted...
Fo_Fai posted...
Thor61 posted...
uh.. no


Uh no. There are plenty of people who don't care about their trophies.

True. But there are plenty more who only play games to get their trophy multiplier EVEN HIGHER

I don't see any way you can say or prove that absolutely.
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User Info: Laventor

4 years ago#24
Fo_Fai posted...
So that somehow equates to brainwashing? Trophies are there for you to get, Sony doesn't push you to get them one way or the other nor do they discourage you from getting them.

They won't release a game that doesn't implement trophies.

I don't see developers running to the WiiU because of that (Nintendo being the only one not forcing an 'achievement system' type on their console, not bashing WiiU).

No one forces you to get all trophies, therefore if anyone's doing the 'brainwashing' it's the person in question, not Sony or any other developer. Not that it's really brainwashing to begin with. It's really just a choice.

User Info: Chr0noid

4 years ago#25
You have a platinum from the worst Final Fantasy made in recent memory. That is most definitely worse.

I see that you value your opinion a lot. Good for you. Just remember others have different ones from you.

Touche, my good man.
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  3. Is Sony getting gamers brain washed when it comes to trophies?

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