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Looking a getting a new game(s)

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User Info: Deathclutch84

4 years ago#1
Any recommendations? I already own the following
Sacred 2
Demon souls
Dark souls
Home front
Modern combat domination
Metal gear solied 4
Payday the heist
Infamous 1 an 2
Resident evil 5 an 6
Gotham city Imposters
Spec ops the line
Battlefield bad company 2
Battlefield 3
Dark sector
White knight chronicles 1&2
Dragon age 1&2
Hunted the demons forge
Castlevania harmony of despair
Heavy rain
Silenthill hd,homecoming,down pour
Dead space
Boarder lands 1&2
God of war(s)
Red dead redemption
Just looking for some other game(s) to play that I might have missed or that you guys would recommend thanks!
PSN- Deathclutch66684
Currently playing-Sacred 2,Dark Souls,Hero's Call
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