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Are you guys staying with Sony next generation?

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User Info: Gunzleader

4 years ago#111
not looking forward to final fantasy 15. final fantasy 15 II. final fantasy 15 vs... lol
but im not buying a ps4 till everquest next is announced. no MMO's = no buy.
im not a troll sorry if i offend you in anyway. RIP Everquest Online Adventures 2003-2012

User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#112
If the rumors are true of a Kinect focused Xbox with always online and blocking used games then Sony is the easy choice. If its not true it just depends on which system i think looks better.

Xbox 360 was an easy choice back at the start of this Gen. I was in high school with a crappy first job and the 360 was $200 cheaper and $600 for the PS3 was ridiculous.

User Info: skeithxth

4 years ago#113
Thor61 posted...
I'm going wherever the games go
Yo Sephiroth, I'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish but Kefka Palazzo is the best Final Fantasy villain of all time.

User Info: TheBonfini

4 years ago#114
Why do so many feel that there won't be many games for PS4 at or near launch?

All the developers say how easy it is to develop for so I think the devs will be at least upscaling some ports to the next gen systems right away, while the PS3 also gets versions the first couple years.

I heard a rumour the next COD was just for PS4/720. If that happens people will be making the switch much earlier than we saw people finally move from their PS2's to 360 or PS3.

I'm getting the feeling Nintendo is being largely ignored as much as the Wii was so far, so I don't have any incentive to purchase a U until the Mario 3D is out.
Sapphic ladies -

User Info: ab2c4

4 years ago#115
Most likely going ps4 as my only console.
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