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Are you guys staying with Sony next generation?

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User Info: Anodyne11

4 years ago#21
I'll be getting a PS4. I kinda regret buying my 360 but at the same time happy because I still have a few games I like to play on it (Infinite Undiscovery, Vesperia and some others)
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User Info: true_gamer80

4 years ago#22
"It has almost no exclusives,"

you mean no exclusives you like? Cause theres a few hundred games on the 360 ps3 doesnt have.....

on topic-yes
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User Info: L0Z

4 years ago#23
Solnot posted...
Or are you jumping on Microsoft's ship?

Jumping from a navy ship to a 16th century ship
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User Info: AngelWithaHat

4 years ago#24
I already have a WiiU and I'm looking forward to the PS4.

User Info: SlaynWilderGL3

4 years ago#25
enigma2274 posted...
Sony, especially since I can connect to my Vita.
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User Info: xellooss

4 years ago#26
Hmm, for next gen, already have the Wii U, definitely will get the PS4 at launch, and will try to get the next XBox at launch.

Last gen, played the PS3 the most, got all multi-platform games on it. Played the Wii alot at first, but ended up mostly playing the exclusives (which was still a good amount of time). 360... played a bunch of exclusives, and had all the Rock Band type games on it, but I don't think I have turned it on in aboot a year... Still have to play Witcher 2 on it, but need to find the time...

User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#27
Or you know just buy whatever has more features/games you like then maybe grab the other down the line once the price drops, if it has stuff you want to play. Being a raging fanboy hold no benefits as a gamer, you just limit your potential pool of games so you can give fellatio to a faceless corporation...Why?
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User Info: zooknut

4 years ago#28
why would anyone jump to another console exclusively during any generation change? that just makes no sense

User Info: helix090

4 years ago#29
I've stayed with Sony so far because I prefer some of the exclusive games offered on the PS over the ones on the xbox. Specs aren't too important as I expect the spects to be similar enough, It's mostly what exclusive games will each system bring that will pull me in

User Info: KaiKun91

4 years ago#30
Staying with Sony.
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