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Why do people like FFX, and yet hate FFXIII?

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User Info: tiornys

4 years ago#51
The_Bones posted...
Well like you said staggering tough enemies is important and that pretty much includes all the bosses and then some. Even if you remove staggering from the equation I still didn't like the battle system otherwise.

There's a big difference between "all the bosses and a few other enemies" and "every enemy," which is the claim I was addressing. And you're certainly welcome to your opinion. I just ask that you refrain from leveling criticism that is based in misconception. I don't personally like FFXII's combat, but you won't see me spouting the common "it plays itself" bull****.

User Info: theofficefan99

4 years ago#52
Vegeta1000 posted...
Almost all JRPGs are....

I respect your opinion. However:

-How is the story laughable and confusing? The game clearly explains Cocoon, Pulse, l'Cie, fal'Cie, Cie'th, crystallization, Sanctum, Ragnarok, Focus, and PSICOM by early Chapter 3. The game clearly explains everything in the actual cutscenes. The only part of the story that is badly written and nonsensical is the finale, due to the poorly foreshadowed and poorly showcased Deus Ex Machinas. Everything else was perfectly clear.

-Unlikable characters is your opinion. I personally loved Sazh, Fang, Vanille and Lightning. Lightning for her strong character and her refreshing cynicism and bitterness. Sazh for his realistic and respectable motives, and his lazy, let charismatic attitude. Fang for her devotion to her family. Vanille for her endless flaws-- she's manipulative, weak, and overbearing. She screws everyone over. She then grows up and learns that running away from problems and expecting others to get rid of them for her won't do anyone any good. Snow was okay, though his constant cheesy lines annoyed me, and Hope's arc was just not good in my opinion.

Even if you didn't like them, you cannot deny that they were all important to the plot, they all shared the spotlight, and they were all well-developed.

-So what if you get a Game Over when the party leader dies? The game already replenishes your health completely after every battle, it provides you with a save point every 5-10 minutes, and it allows you to infinitely retry every battle. It's an insanely player-friendly game. If you're playing the game efficiently, battles shouldn't take any longer than 2 minutes, anyways.

-The party is forced because they were split up due to the plot. You can never choose your party in IV, and in VI, the party splits up quite a few times.

-The Eidolons were not "crappy." Each Eidolon had an elemental affinity and if you used them for enemies that were weak to their element, they would stagger the opponents easily and inflict massive amounts of damage. Aside from this, they fully revived and healed all party members. They were very useful.

-The level cap is only noticeable during Chapters 3-6. Afterwards, unless you grind for hours, even if you fight all the enemies in the way. After Chapter 9 in particular, it takes an obscene amount of grinding to cap out your Crystarium for the chapter.

-Gil is absolutely not worthless. Not only are Phoenix Downs and Shrouds always incredibly useful, but if you want to experience faster battles, you'll need to upgrade your weapons, and that means visiting the tool shop very frequently.

-Recycling is noticeable, yes, but not as bad as X's. I agree, it doesn't make it any less okay. However, the game did a good job in making sure that the enemies from Cocoon and Pulse look and feel very different.

-"Having to constantly stagger enemies?" Other than tiornys completely proving you wrong, staggering is much better than just hitting the enemy until it's dead. The stagger gauge forces you to balance between melee and magic attacks, and it forces you to time your attacks so that the opponent is staggered, and once in Stagger mode, if you time your attacks properly, you can keep the opponent juggled in the air and you can increase your damage output up to 10x how it is regularly.

-The lack of gambits for AI members or leader switching is annoying, I agree.
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User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#53
Let's see:

Both stories are nonsensical, but FFX was told better
FF XIII was told like crap due to the datalogs and stupid terminology which made it much worse.

FF XIII lost points for copying the Sphere system and only making it worse since the first 10 chapters of the game locked your potential to expand due to being one stupid ass long tutorial basically.

FFX was linear yes, but didn't feel as much due to doing different things that broke it up like puzzles, Blitzball, the way the camera was positioned at times etc

FFX had actual shops and NPC's that talked to you
FF XIII had floaty things and NPCs ignored you.

FFX had Eidolons that you could actually use in battle
FF XIII had stupid Transformer knockoffs that were basically worthless

FF X had a cast that you can use any and all in battle swapping in at any time and most of the characters were likable...well I never really used Kimari but..
FF XIII had dumbass Snow, ear scratching Vanille, whiny Hope, and on the rag all the time Lightning. Fang and Sazh were the only redeemable characters (although Sahz lost points for his shuck an jive dancing while shooting in battle and of course the racial stereotype pandering at times And Chocobo in Fro ugh)

FFX had a decent weapon upgrade system, Dark Aeons, hidden weapons,etc
FF XIII had that amazingly annoying weapon and item upgrade system

If the main character died in FFX in battle, you could still fight
If the main character died in FF XIII, game over. Stupid.

The romance in FFX (aside from the laughing scene) was quite memorable and there was a build up to it.
The forced romance of Snow and "Seraaaah!!
was tacky as hell and easily forgettable (if damn Snow didn't yell "Seraaaaaah!" all the time.

Yuna had a purpose for being a summoner as it was part of her upbringing
Serah just upped and decided she wanted to be Lara Croft one day and 'by accident', she stumbled onto a Fal'Cie (even though the damn massive thing is hard to miss and everyone is told to avoid it like the plague).

FFX had Victory Fanfare
FFXIII had some forgettable crap

User Info: Power Turtle

Power Turtle
4 years ago#54
Thamauturge posted...
Seriously, FFX is literally FFXIII-lite. It has almost all of the same flaws that XIII does; extremely linear world that isn't open to exploration, horribly stupid storyline and absurd character designs. The only thing substantially better about FFX is its actual combat, but thats it.

Yes it is linear, its also on a far inferior console than the ps3 and is ten years older. thats the main reason XIII is bashed so damn much. Plus you can backtrack in FFX whereas FFXIII is a railRPG of sorts, no going back, enjoy the ride..

Xs story isnt at all stupid. okay, this is your opinionso whatever, but the major difference is X actually did a good job at explaining its story, something XIII DID NOT. weather you find it stupid or not is just you.

Its final fantasy bro, they have always, since the NES days, ALWAYS have had wacky designs. so whats your point her? THAT IS FINAL FANTASY. You must be a FF7 fan huh? Its literally the only (8 too, kinda) FF that doesnt go that extreme with its designs.

I agree X has great combat, but X-2 is way better.

TC: opinions opinions opinions
Me: get over yourself.

I love bothe X and XIII btw, but im not blind to XIII being a far inferior FF compared to most others..
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User Info: Sand_Flare

4 years ago#55
FFX actually had some form of competent narrative structure. That's the biggest difference.

Not only that, but nearly everything about the game was just better, imo.

User Info: Wario_man

4 years ago#56
I hate them both.
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User Info: Honey-Boy

4 years ago#57
because ffx, as rediculous as its plot is, you can understand what is happening.

the story in ffx is actually told very well, any question that rises is answered and you can follow it because tidus, for all his faults actually serves a purpose as being an audience surrogate.

characters explain fantasy concepts to him and by proxy to us.

ff13 didnt have a character like him to help us, the audience, learn the nature of this alien world.

that is why people hate ff13, it has a very pretentious attitdue about ts story and lore and expects us to read the gigabytes of datalogs to understand what the hell is going on and what they hell people are talking about.
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User Info: DemiFist

4 years ago#58
Which is why they are both my least favorites.
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User Info: Castiel39

4 years ago#59
Better plot, better characters, better combat system and at least you can do things other than battles like playing bliztball, talk to NPCs, freely explore towns, it had temples were you could relax from the battles a bit, buy at shops, and by the end of the game you could revisit most areas, discover new ones, the dark aeons were actually fun. The only optional thing that FFXIII offers is pretty much what you have been doing during the storyline (go from A to B, kill the monster and end of the sidequest, rinse and repeat for like 60 more times).

User Info: SubSeenix

4 years ago#60
Thamauturge posted...
Seriously, FFX is literally FFXIII-lite. It has almost all of the same flaws that XIII does; extremely linear world that isn't open to exploration, horribly stupid storyline and absurd character designs. The only thing substantially better about FFX is its actual combat, but thats it.

Black bestia+special boss,monster farm+special boss,ultimate weapons and other things to do and collect

FF13 is from point A to B and throw it away.
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