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Why do people like FFX, and yet hate FFXIII?

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User Info: digitalwill2000

4 years ago#61
Ffx was pseudo-linear because that was the point of the story, they were on a journey.

Ffxiii was linear because its an absolutely horrendous terrible game and anyone who says otherwise also thinks family guy is funny and needs a shrink
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User Info: Castiel39

4 years ago#62
I agree but Family Guy IS funny.

User Info: MrSmadSmartAlex

4 years ago#63
laughingscene.avi vs "Moms are tough!"

Doesn't really matter which is worse. They both suck.

User Info: Castiel39

4 years ago#64
At least the laugthing scene was a lol moment (and i was laugthing myself seeing Wakka and the others looking at them like "yeah, whatever"). "Moms are though" is downright stupid.

User Info: AwesomeOSauce

4 years ago#65
I love both games.
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User Info: seanskate

4 years ago#66
FFX has more likable characters and more challenging gameplay (only played pal release with dark aeons) A world that's actually interesting and a level system that allows you to decide how a character will grow. It has 150 hours more gameplay than ffxiii and more interesting mini games, puzzles and optional story sequences, actually now that i think of it.. ff xiii had no puzzles at all.
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User Info: tigerex777

4 years ago#67
FF13 is an absolute abomination. FFX has excellent pacing with a story that makes you want to know more. It has traditional turned based battle system and summons that.ate actually worth summoning. FF13 has none of that, just pure linesr garbsgr, boring cast/dialoge, disgusting battle system, horrendous pacing, and one of the most convoluted and disjointed story. I never thought there would be a ff I hated more than ff8.
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User Info: Wario_man

4 years ago#68
The battle system was the only half decent thing about X. The rest was absolute garbage and even then, you're fighting the same wolves and frowning scoops of ice cream all game anyway and are thrown into battle so often due to the idiotic random encounters you get sick of battles quite easily anyway. Not to mention that you can power up your almighty blitzball even more by making it turn enemies into freaking stone so there's even less chance of dying. It isn't as exploitable as X-2 but it almost is. Nice final final boss, by the way >_>
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User Info: dementedlullaby

4 years ago#69
After FFIX the series died. Only good thing to come out after that was XI and even XI these days isn't really "good" any more. They've changed too much.

XII could of been good but it was just missing...something.
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User Info: Wario_man

4 years ago#70
I always enjoy it in a series where if you named it anything else you'd have no idea it was supposed to be a game in that series.
Super Mario 64, pretty much any Final Fantasy game now, modern Castlevania games, good times.
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