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If PSN, Steam, an Xbox Live disappear...

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User Info: Lord_TenseEye

4 years ago#11
zyxomma100 posted...
From: Lord_TenseEye | #005
What's this about "updating licenses" for games and DLC? I've got a few games from games on demand on XBL and some DLC as well.

Some people change consoles for whatever reason. (RROD repair in the past, but now usually because upgrading to a Slim.) Because XBL content is tied to the console AND the XBL account (and will work if either is unchanged), some people who are always signed into Live don't realize that their DLC isn't licensed to the console anymore.

If you aren't sure, the simple test is to try to use the content while signed out of Live. If it works, you're good. If not, then you need to update the license. (XBLA games revert to trials, and DLC is just simply unusable.) Google "license transfer."

I'm a comparatively new PS3 owner and so I don't have a perfect grasp of how it handles licenses, but I'd imagine there are similarities.

So from what I understand, the content will work on your xbox no matter what as long as you bought it on that console. Let's say the console dies and you get a new one. You sign into your old xbl account on the new console and THEN you'd need to do a license transfer.

Correct? I will look more into this matter I think.

User Info: twa556

4 years ago#12
Basically it's like a hurricane.
If you know it's coming you have (for example) a 250GB hard drive. You can download as much as you can before it ends, but if you don't have enough space you're screwed. So you will have to choose what's most important to you.
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User Info: kaiser ryu

kaiser ryu
4 years ago#13
Pretty sure Steam comes with the promise of releasing our games to our full control if they ever go under.
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User Info: AnonUnknown

4 years ago#14
Again? You guys talk like it's going to happen at the end of this year of something. Catastrophists these days.

You'll probably lose all interest in videogaming, and retire for good, long before all of them go down forever.

User Info: Sipher360

4 years ago#15
Yeah, I think Steam has a policy that they will provide disc versions of purchased games in the even that they close down.

As for PSN/, my friend, as butted out. I like DD but after this PS4 fiasco, I'm back in the disc camp again. PS4 won't even support PS3 games purchased digitally, last I heard.
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User Info: AnonUnknown

4 years ago#16
Sipher360 posted...
Yeah, I think Steam has a policy that they will provide disc versions of purchased games in the even that they close down.

No they will provide offline patches, how are they supposed to give physical copies of games released only in digital format?

User Info: OSG1203

4 years ago#17
I would like to say thank you all for pointing out the facts. I'll keep this message board open for more people to talk.

User Info: Aalvi

4 years ago#18
PSN denies access to everything because you need activation with a maximum of 2 systems possible.

You can play your stuff offline when activated, but i'm assuming thats psn so the whole verifying system will be down.
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User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#19
Bekness posted...
I think that Nintendo have the worst DRM, from what I've heard the things they buy online are tied to the console/handheld.

That's true, and it's f****** awful. It helps that Nintendo builds the most reliable hardware, but there's still no excuse.
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