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What's the appeal of Jak and Daxter?

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User Info: Elements012894

4 years ago#31
Raycon posted...
BroDudeJaggies posted...
There really is no appeal TC

Ratchet has always been the go to series

I absolutely LOVED the love and creativity that was put into R&C 1, but I am finding R&C 2 a complete slog. Experience gains became nothing but tedious with only first world visits yielding anything remotely decent, and level design feels very lacking compared to its predecessor. Story is nearly non-existent (giving little incentive to continue) and enemies have become utterly unenjoyable to combat due to the sheer amount of stamina they're beginning to develop. There isn't nearly as much life in any of the worlds and it seems to boil down to one wave of enemies after another. I'm not even sure I can finish this game for how tedious it has become.

I certainly agree with R&C 1 being awesome, but I cannot say the same of R&C2. I doubt I'll even get to R&C 3 with R&C 2 boring me down the way it is. Long story short, I very strongly disagree.

Going from Rachet 2 and 3 back to one, I felt that the first game was easily the worst in the main series.
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User Info: tangnets

4 years ago#32
Also, this game looks pretty damn good despite it being like 12 years old.

User Info: xdividebyzerox

4 years ago#33
Just curious TC, but are you playing the PS2 ver or the remastered PS3 ver?
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