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online license question

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User Info: shadowcat2164

4 years ago#1
I am getting ready to transfer to a university out of state and ill be living in the dorms which has free wifi on campus. I know most universities and colleges use type of wifi that the vita doesn't support and I assume the ps3 doesn't either. I have a ton of digital games ive bought and if you cant connect your console to the internet in 30 days your license expire and your locked out of your games.

Is there a way to get your renewed licenses through my laptop and transfer them to my ps3 or vita that way? I don't even know if you can get private internet in the dorms and even if I can I am trying to keep my expenses to a minimum since I have 2 years left on my BS and than 3 years after that to finish my law degree.

User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#2
If your laptop has wifi, and you have a cable to physically connect your laptop to the ethernet, you can probably find a program to turn your laptop's wifi into a "hot spot" and all you need to do is connect your laptop via cable, connect your Vita via wifi, and you should be good.

Mind you, this is all "on paper," so I can't guarantee it'll work 100% for certain. An alternative could be connecting through your cell phone's wifi - I did that before and watched Netflix on my Vita.
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User Info: kingofall214

4 years ago#3
I am almost 100% sure that 30 day thing is only for PS Mobile games. DD PS3 and Vita games do not have that restriction.

User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#4
Tether your PS3 to your phone.
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User Info: JerichoDarkstar

4 years ago#5
I have a digitial Golden Abyss on my Vita and Little Big Planet 2 on my PS3. Both have been away from the internet for a month, and I haven't lost them.
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User Info: shadowcat2164

4 years ago#6
the last game I bought was a psp game for my vita and when I downloaded it I remember scrolling down message talking about sonys legal crap and it said something like the license expires after 30 days if it doesn't connect to the internet. I dont have ps plus I own all my digital games out right so if that's the case im gonna be frustrated.

User Info: shadowcat2164

4 years ago#7
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