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Sucks there has been no WWE Collections

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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#21
LionheartCJ posted...
Wont ever happen

Licenses and copyrights have ran out, Wrestlers on bad terms/dead/with TNA

Not copyrights - trademarks. The WWWF/WWF/WWE hasn't been around long enough to have a copyright expire.

As for "bad terms/dead/with TNA", WWE All-Stars had Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Mr. Perfect, Andre the Giant, and Eddy Guerrero. It might be able to be done as the wrestlers likenesses are still being distributed within the original licensed product.
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User Info: harcoreblazer

4 years ago#22
That's like asking Valve to release Half-Life 3 or telling SE to release Versus XIII.
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User Info: RKOMe2011

4 years ago#23
Yeah, I am realing the reason that they have never re-released the WWE games in Collections is cause of the Beniot Situation & other Superstars having issues with the WWE such as CHYNA who is now a Porn Star.

Chyna was in Smackdown 1 & 2 also I didnt put in All Stars people that isnt a Smackdown series of games it is a Stand Alone game such as Legends of Wrestlemania.

Cause of Benoit & Chyna & other WWE Superstars currently in TNA they will never be a WWE HD Collection of games even though would be cool, it will never happen.

Such as Jeff Hardy, Bully, and D Von are all in TNA & with Matt Hardys recent troubles is also probably another reason why there has never been any WWE HD Collections nor will there ever will be.

Thankfully I have kept all 14 Smackdown games, yes people they are 14 Smackdowns, people keep on saying they are 15 but nope with WWE 2K14 making it number 15.

But that isnt actually true either as the WWE Franchise is a brand new series & it isnt apart of the Smackdown franchise so in reality they are about 11 or so Smackdown games.

and WWE 2K14 will be the 3rd under the new WWE Franchise.

User Info: PraetorXyn

4 years ago#24
IMO the best wrestling game ever is No Mercy for the N64.
With the Project 64 emulator, you can download high res texture mods, roster replacement mods, etc. etc., so you can basically get the setup you want with the best wrestling game engine ever created.
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