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Best Intro in a RPG

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User Info: Astroshak

4 years ago#11
If the issue is the video that plays either when you start a game, or at the start menu eithe leading to it or becuase you did not press anything and let it play, for me its a toss-up.

I really really loved the song back in the early 1990's that played if you did not press anything at the main menu for Lunar : The Silver Star on the SegaCD. It was not really a movie that played, but the song just blew me away back then.

For something more recent, I'd have to say I really enjoyed the two videos that play if you do nothing at that main menu in Resonance of Fate. Both detail how two of the three MC's met each other in that game.

For the best beginning of the game, that still falls to FF7. One of the best points about the game IMO was the way that the first couple hours are at such a high pace, so plot-heavy. Unfortunately, it is then such a big letdown to be dumped out of Midgar into the overworld map. But that time in Midgar really is one of the high points of the game, and it is right off the bat.

User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#12
Suikoden III

User Info: VanderZoo

4 years ago#13
Bekness posted...


User Info: MadDewg

4 years ago#14
super nintendo chrono trigger would be my favorite of all time. Runner ups is suikoden 3, wild arms 2, wild arms 3, dark cloud 2, super mario rpg (don't judge me damn it, that song is catchy lol) and final fantasy 3 (6).
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User Info: peki_zg

4 years ago#15
FF8 - even after all these years, it's still breathtaking.


User Info: kingofall214

4 years ago#16

User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#17
FF8 or 6
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User Info: Avous_Yelmurc

4 years ago#18
"best" "Intro"? Chrono Cross, FFVIII, or Kingdom Hearts II. I'd of said JUST Final Fantasy Xs entire Assault on Dream Zanarkand up until when Tidus enters Spira

User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#19
Persona 3. In every aspect of the ''intro'' word. The opening of the game is great and the first minutes of the game are mindblowing, it really makes you wonder what is going to happen with the main character.

User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#20
Yeah, I'll go with the PSX opening of Wild Arms too.
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