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So starting a replay of MGS series today

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User Info: jubjub360

4 years ago#31
Mantiso posted...
And still no argument nor understanding the other side of the argument. Not a way to debate.

Nobody is on your side of the argument because there's nothing to argue about. Your point seems to be that it will give people a different perspective that release order would not give. True, the WRONG perspective. It might provide some happy accidents but it will ruin other planned revelations designed by the writer. The information a player knows will no longer be in the order it was intended to be found out. You're essentially taking someone's creation and jumbling it up and making sense out of it as best you can. It's no different than watching a sequel before the original.

So you're not supposed to hate Big Boss before even playing as him? You're not supposed to undo the bad that he's caused? No matter how you play it, nothing changes. You end up hating him either way but it's more of an impact if you do chronological order. Oh yes lets just hate him before hand because of what we've been told and continue that way OR lets hate him when we get to that time and understand why he did what he did before hand.

It's not jumbling it up in any sense. It's called a different perspective. Jumbling it up would be making Snake the bad guy, Liquid the main protagonist, and Big Boss was just an old guy who created the original concept of Metal Gear. See? None of that makes sense.

@Spiroth, Ok then that makes sense if I'm understanding it right. What's MGSS1? Metal Gear: Solid Snake? Just trying to understand everything.

User Info: FaustXII

4 years ago#32
You_Need_A_Life posted...
Yeah, Ghost Babel was pretty good, actually. And Metal Gear 2 is a fantastic game even today. MG1 doesn't really need to be played; reading the MG1 recap in the MGS1 Special section explains the game's plot better than actually playing it, but MG2 is just as good as MGS1 considering the hardware it was on.

Yes, but then you end up missing some iconic boss fights.. Like Psycho Mantis and Sniper Wolf. And that ninja, Grey Fox.
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