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Free Resident Evil 2,3,4 and 5 (Gold) voucher giveaway!

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User Info: Mr_Hakubi

4 years ago#271
Resident Evil 2 - 4187

Have all the others except this one, haven't played in ages.

User Info: jaoman69

4 years ago#272
RE5 because its best in franchise i pick 1290 (second post i know i lost the old one and forgot to post a number)

User Info: kippei

4 years ago#273
Resident Evil 4


Missing this in my ps3.

User Info: do2222

4 years ago#274
Resident evil 2


One of my favorite games of all time, I would love to play this on the PS3.

User Info: Smakit

4 years ago#275

It is the only one in the series I don't have. Got the original 2 (and 1), had 4 on Gamecube, and 5 on 360, and recently got 6 on PC.

It would be nice to have 3 to finish them off. I did play the game when it was released and had a blast. Loved the mercenaries mode in it. A bit different than the ones of today, obviously, but it was so much fun.
~ Smakit ~

User Info: ZillionKiller

4 years ago#276
Resident 5. 3682.
I have played them all, but never owned this one and I haven't played the DLC yet.
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User Info: Azriel88

4 years ago#277
Resident Evil 4


The only one besides 6 i havent played. would like to try it

User Info: raven80wolf_x2

4 years ago#278
resident evil 4

3DS FC: 0989-2382-1096 add me and private message me if you like to tell me
kid icarus why can't you have a demo =(

User Info: Yugo_of_BR3

4 years ago#279

User Info: MechaTama30

4 years ago#280
Resident Evil 2


I'd love to get it if it's not gone already. I have 3 already but something about 2 just charms me the right way into wanting to replay it.
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