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Free Resident Evil 2,3,4 and 5 (Gold) voucher giveaway!

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User Info: magemaximus

4 years ago#51
resident evil 5. 2501. resident evil 5 is the only current gen on that list.
You can't persuade fanboys. You'd be better off trying to convince a wall. ~CodeNamePlasmaSnake~

User Info: Absolutezero93

4 years ago#52

I'm not looking for help, I'm complaining. This is GameFAQs, isn't it? ~ Shad0wflare

User Info: gearofages

4 years ago#53


User Info: zeroplapton

4 years ago#54
Resident Evil 2


Love this game, but I've never owned a complete version. A friend gave me the Leon disc in middle school but I have never had Claire's.

User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#55
Resident Evil 4, as it and Code Veronica are the only ones I don't yet own on PS3 somehow.

This is a sig, woo.

User Info: ValedictorianXD

4 years ago#56
This is as stupid as the idea that mystical shaolin monks can beat UFC champions.
>"Can Cain Velasquez dodge a fireball? Shaolin Monks > UFC"

User Info: niXo08

4 years ago#57
Resident Evil 6, number 2598. I really wanted to play Resident Evil 6 but couldn't afford to buy one so please? :'C

User Info: KyoKusanagi

4 years ago#58
Resident Evil 4 1849

I want this game because I've never played it before. I'm semi new to the series, and I'd love to play a HD version of the supposed best game in the franchise.

User Info: cattiesneo

4 years ago#59
number 4283

Haven't played a RE game before, so I'd be happy with any of them.

User Info: Hypnotizer

4 years ago#60
My number is 5000!
Peace and love!
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