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Popular game series that you will never buy a game from.

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User Info: Gemininoiser

4 years ago#51
Lol at Blazblue being a popular game series.

User Info: nihilist212

4 years ago#52
Dead or Alive. Never liked that series at all.
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User Info: indie_animator

4 years ago#53
I'll never buy most from most of those due to being very cautious with spending & choosy with games, but I voted MK. The extreme violence & death focus doesn't sit well with me. Too dark & disturbing. I did playthrough the cast of MK 1-3 when I was a lot younger.
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User Info: bad3ip420

4 years ago#54
I just can't get into the hype of Metal Gear Solid Franchise.

Too cliche, voice acting is awful (like just reading the script), enemies who will go at painstaking lengths to kill you will suddenly tell you about their past once they're at death's door, a single character often reveals too much information instead of spreading it out like a good author.

I could list way more Cons of this franchise but I don't want to receive any death letters from the fanboys. LOL

I bought the first two but stopped after that.
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User Info: evecharmeve

4 years ago#55
Assassin's creed.

Own 1 never beat it, own 2 never beat it, not buying any more unless a miracle happens and I go back and beat them.
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User Info: Sez6

4 years ago#56
Halo, Gears of War

User Info: HipHopBeats

4 years ago#57
I would buy games from none of them except for Metal Gear Solid and Bethesda. Assassin's Creed is hanging on to my interest for dear life at this point depending on what Black Flag brings to the table.

User Info: akuma634

4 years ago#58
Blazblue is the only game listed that I never got into. It's just a bunch of weird ass people drawn anime style in a game that seems like it's absurd for the sake of it being quirky Japanese. These games always felt more like button mashers to me, I've actually beaten the game with my eyes closed. You try that in Street Fighter and you'll be lucky to win one round.

User Info: deadmarv

4 years ago#59
Any modern jrpg.
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User Info: Dark_Flux

4 years ago#60
I dont like to say "never" but from those listed id say BlazBlue or Dead or Alive.
Not much of a beat em up fan but for what i do play MK and Tekken fullfil my needs.
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