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Now I know I just played the most useless PS3 game ever

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User Info: rikusora50

4 years ago#31
Devilman_Amon posted...
Shineboxer posted...
From: Devilman_Amon | #024
LMTTN posted...
Still__Rippin posted...
Sounds Junpei will be creaming himself tonight once he sees this topic.


Oh, and can we get some footage?

Took me a while to look up the name but here

lol, it's literally a loli pouring mayo.

oh, gawd.

On a side note, how to you eat once a day and not even realize you need to?

What's your caloric intake? Like 500? I'm surprised you don't float away.

*pours you some mayo*

extra rice plz bro
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User Info: Reginleif20

4 years ago#32
Devilman_Amon posted...
I don't even know what it's called exactly.

I was buying some DLC for a Gundam game and I had 300 yen left (which is practically worthless can't get much with it) so I got it as it was on the main splash page.

Basically, it's a girl in a kitchen with a bowl of rice and the game is to dump a whole jar of mayonnaise on your bowl of rice by swirling the left analog stick in one continuous motion, making sure you don't stop or make studdered movements or else you will fail miserably and the mayo jar will get stuck and she'll make the "oh noes" face with the depressing crashing piano music.

If you win however, there'll be huge swirlypoo mountain of mayonnaise on her rice and she'll be all happy happy joy joy with the red and white Nippon stripes in the background and lively music.
There's like 5 different flavored (colored) mayonnaise jars. (So basically 5 stages) I think it's a preview for some upcoming game..

Oh and it has trophies

Who the hell puts mayo on their rice anyway??

why japan...

That's your standard for most useless? That's gold compared to MindJack
I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it
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