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Ubisoft: Gamers want Assassin's Creed every year

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User Info: CaptainLuka

4 years ago#21
WantedOutlaw posted...
I'd sort of like to see them take a year off and maybe do a Prince of Persia '08 sequel, though that'll probably never happen.

I ****ing love you. Finally. Someone else who wants a sequel to that game. I've loved every main PoP game, that one included. Sure, it had its downfalls and inconsistencies, but that's just like any other game.

The story, characters and art style were all really fun though. And the combat was unique and interesting. Controlling two characters at once was fun and it had gorgeous combos.

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User Info: WingedRegent

4 years ago#22
From: DrunkBeardGuy | #006
I love the series, but I'm just so burnt out I don't even care anymore. After the bugfest of a game that was AC3, I can wait on Black Flag.

^This. After Revelations, which had its own share of glitches from my experience with it, AC3 followed suit and was, unfortunately, yet another letdown in the franchise that I feel burnt out from it unless they can produce something that not only maintains the standards set by previous entries in the main AC series, but also blow me away in terms of quality as well as introducing something new to the series. As of right now, Black Flag does not impress me. They announced the game before their AC3 DLC is even finished, they release a teaser for it at the start of the year, and it's already all over TV 7-8 months prior to the game's release. To be honest, that type of "advance" promotion turned me off from Black Flag as I fear it being just as bad as AC3 was. To quote A_Nonny_Moose's sig:
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User Info: thetrixter99

4 years ago#23
Sega - Gamers want Aliens Colonial Marines every year, millions of gunshots go off as gamers do mass suicide
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User Info: art_of_the_kill

4 years ago#24
WantedOutlaw posted...
I'd sort of like to see them take a year off and maybe do a Prince of Persia '08 sequel, though that'll probably never happen.

It was originally going to happen. Ubisoft's initial plan for this gen was to alternate holiday releases between an Assassin's Creed trilogy and a new Prince of Persia trilogy. AC would get 2007, 2009 and 2011. PoP would get 2008, 2010 and 2012.

However, that all changed after PoP 2008 failed to meet sales expectations, and hence the new PoP trilogy was pretty much scrapped. AC, however, ended up being a big seller, and Ubisoft decided to annualize it in order to fill the gaps. So the initial AC trilogy plan was also scrapped.

Oh, but they actually were planning on skipping 2011. AC: Revelations was initially going to be a 3DS title called AC: Lost Legacy. However, this game was cancelled after Ubisoft realized that they would make a lot more money by turning it into PS3/360 title and releasing it by holiday 2011. So they did just that.
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User Info: shads3055

4 years ago#25
to me black flag will be more fun then gta 5

User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#26
I was feeling a bit burnt out leading up to 3, but 3 refreshed me. I loved the change in scenery, and I can't wait for Assassin's Creed 4.
PSN: Draconas_Lyrr
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User Info: norwish

4 years ago#27
heyitsthatguy11 posted...
Not even interested in AC4 and I love the AC series... but ever since Brotherhood, it's been declining. ACR felt unnecessary in the story department. AC3 was bland as all hell... yes, great gameplay additions, but bland EVERYTHING else. And ACL was *flips table*.

Pretty much what he said.
Started as such a great series too; what a shame.
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User Info: TauriLeader

4 years ago#28
People will have to stop buying the games if they want change.

AC3 sold 14 million so they won't stop.
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User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#29
Yay, AC is my second favorite series, one a year is okay in my book.
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User Info: kel25

4 years ago#30
I thought the first game was a diamond in the rough. The second game really nailed it and gave us an amazing experience. Every game after that has been a poor cash in.

I really want the series to be great again but I doubt that will happen if they are pushing for a yearly release. If I ever bother buy another game in this series it will be from the bargain bin.
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