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Does Sony give refunds?

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User Info: Rafedx

4 years ago#11
I was able to get a $10 refund for Music Unlimited. I signed up for the service for about 2 months and didn't like it so I canceled it, however I still had a few days left. Shortly after I figured I would get PS+, unfortunately once I bought that it turned auto renewal on and I got changed for the MI service I quit. I contacted a rep and they said they could not give me the full amount but they were willing to give me a month's credit back, a few hours later I had an extra 10 in my wallet.

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User Info: Darth_Elusive

4 years ago#12
Yes, Sony gives refund.
They screwed on the hyperlink in their store and I ended up downloading the DLC I didn't want. I took pictures of what had been downloaded and what they posted on the store. Got refund 2 weeks later.
I still have the incorrect DLC installed on my HDD but it has been deleted from my account's DL history as if I had never DL'ed it since I got the refund.
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User Info: YoshiMan123

4 years ago#13
I got a refund for Mortal Kombat.

I bought it for $50, and within the next week or so, it went on sale, the Komplete Edition, for Plus users (which I am) for $25.

I emailed them just requesting a refund for MK since I had been a loyal PS customer. Got to keep MK, got $50 refunded back into my account, and got issued my one-time curtesy refund :)

Can't believe some of you got your requests for a refund denied, when you have more legitimate reasons than me lol.
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User Info: Fenix7

4 years ago#14
captainjeff87 posted...
How can you be charged for something you didn't buy?

Don't you pretty much have to confirm the purchase in the checkout screen?

I didn't check it out/confirm it hence I did not buy.

wake_me_420 posted...
I recently bought a new 3D TV and decided to go on the PS Store and use the 3D filter to look at what games they had that worked in 3D. I downloaded a couple that worked great (MotorStorm 3D Rift, Super Star Dust). I saw another one that looked like it would be good in 3D called StarDrone or $3.99. I checked out the demo, and the options had a 3D on/of option, but it was greyed out. I figured like other games that the full version has 3D, it wasn't available on the demo to save space.

So I download the full game and there is no 3D option, no prompt asking 2D or 3D etc. I went on to their live chat to explain the situation. I was told that their end send it was 3D. I told them I was sure it wasnt. I was told they have a no refund policy, but he'd put the request through and to expect an email in a few days letting me know the status.

Right after this I found out who made the game and emailed them asking how to turn on the 3D. They told me "Unfortunately we decided not to go forward with that and are working on other projects".

I got an generic email a couple days later saying my request was denied due to their policy.At this point I went on the official PS3 forum and posted the story. Pretty much everyone agreed that generally they don't give refunds, but they should in my case as I really only bought the game because I believed it worked in 3D, as per it showing up in the Store's 3D filter when searching.

I decided I would call Sony, but put it off for a few days. At this point I got another email. This one much longer and specifically addressed to myself and detailing the issues I mentioned, not just some standard rejection letter.

I called Sony and they said it was rejected because the description didn't say it was 3D (even though the first rep I talked to said their info said it was 3D and it still shows up under their 3D filter). I explained again to him everything, including the email from the game creators. He said he would refund me the $3.99. I asked about the second email I got. He said the request was pushed back through "perhaps because of a survey" I had completed, which I hadn't.

Turned out someone on the PS3 board knew a member who worked for Sony and forwarded him the thread I created.

So yes, they will generally deny refunds. You get a reference number and you can call to appeal it. It was only $3,99, but to me it was the principle. I've spent hundreds if not over a thousand on downloads and I bought the game because I thought it was 3D because of how they had it classified. I was pretty ticked when they originally denied it though.

Good to hear that u got ur money back, it gives me hope haha. If it had only been for 3.99, it wouldn't have been so bad, but in my case it's 60$ :( Hope they will understand.

User Info: Fenix7

4 years ago#15
servb0ts posted...
B****ing & Complaining will usually resolve most issues with customer service lol.

This did the job. At first they said no, and then I complained how i did not buy the game and then they checked for trophies and said some1 played it... i only tested it a bit cause i saw it on my game list and didn't know what it was, and then turned out i was charged me for a game, and I never bought.

Got a 1 time refund in credits. Guess I have to delete the game now since they can check for additional trophies if I keep playing. didn't know they could do that.

So if you have a legitimate reason, they won't refund a 2nd time?? Any1 ever gotten 2 refunds from them?

User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#16
i got refund for a game i still have. hehe
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User Info: Fenix7

4 years ago#17
Bancario51 posted...
i got refund for a game i still have. hehe

what?! don't u have to delete the game afterwards? like i don't want to risk loosing my refund by keeping playing the game.

User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#18
Make sure the charge isn't for something you bought a long time ago. Sony takes forever to actually charge sometimes, and they'll ban you if you contest it.
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User Info: Fenix7

4 years ago#19
Stanger5150 posted...
Make sure the charge isn't for something you bought a long time ago. Sony takes forever to actually charge sometimes, and they'll ban you if you contest it.

Nope Bioshock infinite did not come out a long time ago lol

User Info: work_a_holic

4 years ago#20
Do others use your PS3? Things like that just don't happen.
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